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About vibrant suppliers

The idea of vibrantsuppliers.com came up while I wanted to go for a holiday with my family on the Kenya coast. I had an idea Kenyan coast has the best beaches, historical sites to enjoy visiting; the weather is hot and beautiful hotels to stay for many days.

So I Knew I needed water wears like water shoes, water life jacket,  watches, swimming cap, sneakers, wet suit and water gloves since most of the time we will spend on beaches and in the hotel swimming pools.

Also, my family loves water sports, so I knew there is more equipment I needed to cater for that.

The place has a water problem. The Kenyan coastline water is salty so not safe for drinking, laundry, and shower. We needed water filters and softeners to purify our water for drinking; of course, a container to store our clean water so that we have enough for our family.

We knew what to pack the journey was easier for us. Except for our regular clothes we needed water wears, water purifiers, filter, and softeners. I spent hours, days and weeks online researching the best products. As a result, I found more confusing information, I didn’t find a website will cater all these under one roof, and it became harder for me to get the right product.

I thought most people are going the same problem that I went through researching online. With that, I thought of starting a website that will give people comprehensive research and informative information on best in waters.

Our aim is to help the consumer find best and honest information about few best in waters product out there.

Our offer

Vibrantsuppliers.com is a website that created by the dedicated team of experts. We are particularly proud offering you honest and unbiased reviews of products and services out there. Keep you up to date on the latest products and services.

Well, if you are not sure which product is best for you, where to find it and what the product is offering? I believe vibrantsuppliers.com is best for you to find the solution.


If you have any personalized question, suggestion or request, feel free to drop an email at changes@vibrantsuppliers.com or fill the Contact Form below. I will try to respond to your email within 24 hours.