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Alkaline water filter pitcher replacement cartridge to buy in 2022

An alkaline water filter pitcher cartridge is designed to be used in alkaline water filter pitchers and dispensers. It is meant for stripping away contaminants in water and adding in natural and healthy alkalizing minerals such as Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, and Sodium. The cartridge does not last forever after some time requires replacement in this article finds out Alkaline water filter pitcher replacement cartridge.

Alkaline water filter pitcher replacement cartridge


 NameImagePitcherFilter lifeWhere to buy
1Lake IndustriesLake Industries replacement cartridge150 liters/ 40 gallons, 2 months.Buy from Amazon
2Naples Naturals Naples Naturals replacement cartridge70 gallons or 45-60 daysBuy from Amazon
3DRAGONNDRAGONN Cartridge ReplacementN/ABuy from Amazon
4EhmReplacement Cartridge for Ultra Premiumafter 300 litersBuy from Amazon
5Invigorated WaterReplacement Water Filter By Invigorated Water1500 cups/360 litres/96 gallonsBuy from Amazon
6claroClaro Replacement Filter after two monthsBuy from Amazon
7New Wave EnviroNew Wave Enviro replacement filter64 gallonsBuy from Amazon
8Santevia Water SystemsSantevia Water Systems replacement cartridge1, 250 (8oz) glasses/ 80 gallons/300 liters or every 2 monthsBuy from Amazon
9Seychelle pH2OSeychelle pH2O Replacement cartridge100 gallonsBuy from Amazon
10OXAOXA Replacement Filters 2400 cups / 153 gallons / 600 litres.Buy from Amazon
11WellblueWellBlue Alkaline Replacement Filters300 liters/70gallonsBuy from Amazon
12Hskyhan Hskyhan Replacement Filters300 ouncesBuy from Amazon
13Reshape Reshape Water Replacement Filters 75 days/300 liters /79 gallonBuy from Amazon

Alkaline water filter pitcher replacement cartridge

Reshape Water alkaline water pitcher filter replacement cartridge

Replacement filter for the Reshape Water 10-Cup Alkaline Water Pitcher

Reshape Water Replacement Filters come in 5-pack. Each filter lasts up to 75 days and filters at least 300 liters (79 gallons).

It uses a multi-stage filter to purify water. The multi-stages include;

1. Prefilter membrane

2. Ion Exchange Resins – soften water & remove contaminants

3. Activated Carbon – improves the taste by filtering asbestos, heavy metals, cysts, & some pesticides

4. FIR Balls – assist cell absorption & soften water

5. Negative Potential Particles – bind to positively charged oxidants

6. Post filter membrane

The replacement filters are BPA FREE & INDEPENDENTLY TESTED by a US-Based Laboratory, and SGS, FDA, STC CERTIFIED.

They remove or reduce fluoride, chlorine bad taste, and odor, lead, arsenic, cadmium, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and soften hard water from faucet water.

This is not just a water purifier; it helps in adding natural, healthy alkalizing minerals by releasing the right amounts of Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, and Sodium.

Hskyhan Alkaline Water Filter

Replacement filter for the Hskyhan Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

The Hskyhan Alkaline replacement Water Filter purifies water in 7-stage, which increases PH level by 0.5 to 2 or more depending on faucet water. The PH increases from 7-10.

The filter is capable of removing fluoride, chlorine, lead, bacteria, dirt, and harmful metals.

This filter uses natural coconut shell activity, ion exchange resin, high-density filter mesh, nanometer-activated carbon, and PP melt-blown fiber.

The filter is required to be replaced after 40 gallons and every 1-month.

The package includes a two-pack of a replacement filter, which is easy to install and removed.

WellBlue Alkaline Blue Water Replacement Filters

Replacement filter for the Wellblue Alkaline Black Water Filter Pitcher

WellBlue Alkaline Blue Water Replacement Filter for 3.5 Liters Alkaline Ionized Water Filter Pitcher.

The cartridge life depends on local water quality, such as water hardness, organic impurities, and chlorine content. Based on that, the cartridge filters up to 300 liters.

For optimum performance, you should change the cartridge at the right time; a wellblue water filter pitcher is equipped with a smart cartridge exchange indicator.

Inside the filter contains Active carbon, Ion exchange resin ORP balls, magnesium balls.

It is available in color white and 3-pieces in one package

Well Blue Black Digital LID-Switch Cover Alkaline pH Plus Pitcher

OXA Replacement Pitcher Water Filters (Blue and White) (Blue)

This is the replacement filter for OXA Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher  

OXA Replacement alkaline filter is available in Pink, Blue, Orange, White, Green, Black. If you need a specific color, let the company know.

Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher Replacement

Replacement filter for the Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

The pitcher holds up to 8 gallons/64 oz of water but is available in a smaller size of 32oz that comes with one cartridge buy here

Seychelle alkaline replacement cartridge increases PH level up to 9.5.

It helps remove contaminants such as

1. Aesthetic contaminants: Bad taste, odors, cloudiness, silt, and chlorine

2. Chemical contaminants: Toxic chemicals, trihalomethanes, PFOA, PFOS, PCB’s, DDT, glyphosate, herbicides, detergents, pesticides, and benzene

3. Inorganic contaminants: Aluminum, asbestos, cadmium, chromium 6, copper, arsenic, fluoride, nitrates & nitrites, lead, and mercury

The cartridge is replaced after treating 100 gallons.

The replacement cartridge is available in a single pack and two-pack.

Santevia Water Systems Alkaline Pitcher

Replacement filter for the Santevia Water Systems Alkaline Water Pitcher (Blue)

The Santevia alkaline replacement cartridge makes the water alkaline. It adds healthy minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

The replacement cartridge removes chlorine and heavy metals like lead.

It requires to be replaced after treating up to 300 liters.

It is also available in a pack of three

New Wave Enviro Alkaline Water Filter Replacement Cartridge

Replacement filter for the New Wave Enviro Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher  

The new Wave Enviro Alkaline Water Filter Replacement Cartridge is available in single and three-pack

This filter cartridge can last up to 64 gallons.

The replacement filter provides chlorine-free water and removes common water contaminants and bacteria.

It also raises your water’s pH levels to 8.5-9.5 by adding magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

The replacement cartridge is compatible with New Wave Enviro’s black Alkaline Pitcher.

More new wave Enviro

New Wave Enviro Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher Plus

It removes both dissolved and particulate Lead

New Wave Enviro Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher Plus Replacement cartridge

The cartridge contains the following 

  • Granular activated carbon (coconut-based) – removes chlorine and organic contaminants such as pesticides.
  • Microporous ion exchange resin in sodium form- removes dissolved lead and heavy metals
  • Special inorganic mixture – to create PH level and enrich water in magnesium and calcium cations.
  • Silver impregnated granular activated carbon (coconut-based) – prevent cartridge growing in the cartridge
  • Ion exchange fiber-remove non-dissolved lead and advanced heavy metal such as cadmium, mercury, and copper

PH001 Alkaline Water Filter Replacement Water Filter By Invigorated Water 

The PH001 Alkaline Water Filter is Replacement Water Filter by Invigorated Water.

It lasts after treating 1500 cups/360 liters/96 gallons of water.

This filter is a multi-stage cartridge that helps remove heavy metals, chlorine, chloramine, some fluoride sand, silt, and rust.

The PH001 Alkaline Water Filter increase alkalinity (water pH) up to pH10, reduce -ORP, softens water, making it more easily absorbed, & adds trace elements & minerals to the water.

This filter is available in 3 pack

Other Invigorated Water replacement filter

PH002 Ultrafiltration UF Membrane Water Filter By Invigorated Water

PH002 is an ultrafiltration membrane filter. It helps removes tiny particles, as small as 0.01 micron, while allowing beneficial minerals to permeate through the membrane.

Ph002 is attached to the PH001 Alkaline Water Filter Cartridge.

How to attach PH002 to the PH001

It provides a 1000 liter/264-gallon capacity

Both PH002 and PH001 is compatible with pH REFRESH and PH restore

Invigorated Water PH001 3-Pack Alkaline Water Filter – Plus PH002 UF Membrane Filter

The Value Bundle is Compatible with pH Recharge, pH Restore & pH Refresh

This is a combination of PH001 3-Pack Alkaline Water Filter and PH002 UF Membrane Filter)

pH ON-THE-GO Alkaline Water Filter Pouch

The Portable Alkaline Water Filtration System For Your Bottle, Pitcher, Jug, Container – High pH Ionized Water – Long-Life 105 Gallon/400 Litre (3-pack)

It is available in one pack

EHM SureFlow Filter Replacement Cartridge for Ultra Premium Alkaline Mineral Water Ionizer Pitcher

Replacement filter for the Ehm Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher

EHM SureFlow Filter Replacement Cartridge fits EHM 3.5L ULTRA Pitcher and raises PH level around 9 to 9.25.

The cartridge has maifan stones to re-mineralize the water by adding iron, zinc, calcium, and other beneficial minerals.

It is also used to reduce sediment, dust, sand, rust, heavy metals including lead, copper plus chlorine, water hardness, pollution, pesticides

EHM ULTRA SureFlow Filter Replacement Cartridge

EHM Filter Replacement Cartridge for Alkaline Mineral Water Ionizer Pitcher – Fits EHM ULTRA Pitchers

The Alkaline Water Pitcher Replacement Cartridge by Lake Industries

Replacement filter for the Lake Industries7000 Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

Lake industries Alkaline Water Pitcher Replacement Cartridge utilizes 7-stages to purify water.


All combined stages remove chlorine, odors, heavy metals, zinc, copper, and lead to create an amazingly delicious alkaline water.

It is made of BPA-free food-grade AS and ABS material.

The cartridge provides two months of fresh filtered alkaline water.

This cartridge is available in a pack of two and a pack of four

Naples Naturals1089 Alkaline Water Pitcher Filter Replacement Cartridge

Replacement filter for the Naples Naturals 108X1 Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

The replacement cartridge increase alkalinity by adding minerals and improve ORP.

This cartridge filters 300 liters or 79 gallons.

The filter includes natural ion-exchange resin balances, calcium, and magnesium levels to provide fresh great-tasting water and increase electrolytes.

Also, the filter has Calgon activated carbon filter to absorb chlorine and other toxic substances.

It is available in blue, green and black.

DRAGONN Alkaline Water Pitcher Filter Cartridge Replacement

Replacement filter for the DRAGONN pH RESTORE Alkaline Water Pitcher  

This replacement cartridge utilizes multiple stages to treat water. The stages consist of ION EXCHANGE RESIN, TOURMALINE, MINERAL BALLS, AND CARBON.

All the stages combined remove chlorine, odors, heavy metals, zinc, copper, and lead.

It is also available in 3 packs.

Brita Alkaline Water filter

Brita Alkaline Water filter

Brita water filters do not offer alkaline cartridges but they are brands that is compatible with Brita pitchers.

Wamery Certified Alkaline Water Filter Replacement

This is the replacement water filter for the Wamery Alkaline Water Pitcher and fits Brita pitchers and dispensers.

The Warmery cartridge features a four-stage alkalizer system. The stages are:

  • KDF-help reduces heavy or hard metals, chlorine, lead, and arsenic.
  • Coconut activated carbon-removes chlorine, chemicals, pesticides, and pollutants.
  • Ceramic Ball & Stone Blend – increase the PH, reducing the ORP, soften water, remove bacteria and add trace elements and minerals
  •  Micro-mesh filter – provide final filtration

It is tested to last 42 gallons if you fill the jar three times a day.

The package has 3-Pack and fits well in Wamery and Brita Filtration Pitcher, Ionizer, and Purifier Cartridge System

Wamery Alkaline Water Replacement Filters Cartridge Model 1001122

Wamery Alkaline Water Replacement Filters is compatible with Brita Maxtra, Marella, Mavea & Wamery Water Filter Pitcher slim model.

It treats water in 4 stages including

KDF –removes heavy metals such as lead and arsenic

Coconut activated carbon removes chlorine, pesticides, and pollutants

Ceramic ball and stone blend-removes bacteria increases alkalinity (+PH) and reduces ORP. It also softens water making it easily more absorbed. Add trace elements and minerals

Micromesh filtration-provides final filtration

The filter is tested by an independent WQA laboratory for NSF/ANSI 43/52 and NSF ANSI 372 to remove lead contaminants in the water It provides 42 gallons of filtered water or lasts 2 months

Wellblue Alkaline 7 Stage Mineral Water Ionizing Filter Drop-In Style Cartridge

Wellblue Drop-In Style Cartridge works in Wellblue, Brita Style Pitchers & Dispensers

WellBlue 3 Pack Drop-In Brita Style Alkaline Water Filter Replacement.

Alkaline Water Filter For Brita pitcher NSF Certified By Aqua Blue 3 Pack

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