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Alkaline water vs ionized water (similarity & differences)

Alkaline water vs ionized water

What is different and similarities between alkaline water vs ionized water.

Alkaline water is where regular/plain water (tap or bottled water) is added minerals to increase the PH level. The common ways how to make alkaline water is adding minerals such as baking soda, lemon, Himalayan salt, calcium, and magnesium drop.

You can also use an alkaline water filter pitcher and alkaline water filter bottle to make alkaline water.

The alkaline water filter pitcher and alkaline water filter bottle use cartridge that filters water and add minerals such as calcium and magnesium that increase the PH level of tap water to alkaline water.

Ionized water is where regular water from the tap is electrically induced to produce alkaline ionized water and ionized acid water.

Ionized water can be alkaline or acidic.

The common way to produce ionized water is by using a water ionizer.

Alkaline ionized water is water rich in dissolved hydrogen gas (H2)

Hydrogen gas is available to the body as an antioxidant. Hydrogen gas (H2) gas is capable of absorbing toxic in our body and convert into water.

Also, hydrogen gas is delicate and evaporates completely within 24 hours. You are supposed to consume alkaline ionized water as soon as possible before it evaporates.

Since hydrogen gas evaporates completely quickly this explains why alkaline ionized water is not sold in the bottle and an alkaline water ionizer is needed to make it.

Both alkaline and alkaline ionized water is promoted to bring more health benefits such as help to eliminate free radicals and keeping youth, flush out impurities and toxins, better kidney functioning, improve the immune system, promotes weight loss, prevention from diseases, help in better digestion.

The alkaline ionized water good for cooking, brewing coffee, removing tough stains and sterilizing.

The ionized acid water is water that has less PH level making it acidic water.

Ionized acid water is good for cleaning water, brushing teeth, sunburn relief and sanitizing.

What is different and similarities between alkaline water vs ionized water have I left please let us know in the comment section below.

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