Top 10 Best Faucet Water Filter 2019

Even though most countries have municipalities that provide treated safe water direct from the tap, but the water might be contaminated as it is transported through the pipes. The impurities can be harmful and pose threat to our health. Therefore it is advisable to make sure you filter your water to remove harmful contaminants and the economical way to do that is to install faucet water filter. That’s why we have prepared a review of the top 10 best Faucet Water Filters 2019.

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 Best Faucet Water Filter

Faucet water filters provide filtered water directly from the tap. They are installed to the faucet and filter water as you use it. The best faucet water filter that produces safe water for drinking is the one that produces multi-stage filtration method.

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Comparison table of Top 10 Best Faucet Water Filters 2019

Product nameImagecapacitywhere to buyReplacement filter
Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter System, Chrome100 gallonsCheck latest price at AmazonBrita on tap replacement filter
Culligan FM-15A Advanced Faucet Filter Kit-2803200 gallons / 2monthscheck latest price at AmazonCulligan FM-15A replacement filter
PUR Advanced Faucet Water Filter Chrome FM-3700B100 gallons/3 monthscheck latest price at AmazonPur RF-999 replacement filter
DuPont faucet mount water filterBest200 gallonscheck latest price at AmazonDuPont faucet mount replacement cartridge
CuZn Bath Ball Faucet Filter Bathtub Water Purifier20,000 gallonscheck latest price at AmazonCuZn Bath Ball Replacement Filter
Home king universal shower filter900 gallons/6monthscheck latest price at Amazon
Eco captain Shower Filter check latest price at AmazonCaptainEco Certified MultiStage Cartridge Replacement

What to consider when buying faucet water filter

Before buying faucet water filter make sure it has the following features

  • Compatible

Although most faucet water filter fits almost all taps make sure it fits on the tap you are planning to install.

  • Meet certification standards

The best water filters make sure it meets the EPA standard and certified by NSF or WQA. This guarantees you are getting quality water for human consumption.

  • Impurities it removes

Be aware of a contaminant that exists in your water. This will help you choose the right faucet water filter that removes the particular impurity in your water.

  • Material

Faucet water filter is made of different material like plastic and metal. Metal is sturdy compared to the plastic material, hold tight and does not leak.

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  • Capacity

The more capacity the faucet water filter has means you don’t need to change the cartridges frequently.

  • Maintenance cost

Filters need to be replaced frequently or according to manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure the filter you choose is easily available at a fair price. Also, remember the bigger the size of your cartridge faucet filter the more expensive to replace it.

  • Type of faucet water filter

There are different types of faucet water filter and each removes specific impurities present in water.

Carbon filter

It has a carbon cartridge fixed in it. The carbon water filter is capable of removing impurities such as chlorine, herbicides, mercury, and bacteria. This filter requires being changed as per manufactures instructions.

Reverse osmosis water filters

It has a thin acetate membrane where water is passed through the membrane using force. The filter requires being replaced after 2-3 years.

Under counter water filter

It is installed under the sink to avoid taking too much space on the sink top/countertop. This type of filter is ideal where there is limited space and requires a high volume of filter water

Direct flow through faucet water filter

This filter is attached at the end of the faucet. It requires regular replacement to guarantee efficient performance.

Side offsets flow through faucet water filter

The filter is fixed indirect positioning on the faucet.  The cartridges last longer before they are replaced, but are more expensive.

How to install Faucet water filters

Remove the aerator from the faucet. Clean off any rust or stain that may have developed. Then fix your filtration system.

Read how to install a filter in a faucet here

Learn more how to install Faucet water filters with a separate faucet here

Advantages of Faucet water filters

  • It is easy to install if you are attaching it to a faucet or you are not installing a separate faucet
  • It filters a large amount of water compared to pitcher filters
  • It produces quality water if it uses a multi-stage method
  • Reduce odors and provide water with great taste
  • Most of them have an extra valve which you can switch between filtered and unfiltered water

Disadvantages of Faucet water filters

  • It cannot be installed on all faucets without adapters. Check this specification before purchasing
  • Some of the faucet water filters reduce water flow in a faucet. Note the required water pressure rate/ filtration rate is between 55-65 Psi.
  • The filter needs to be replaced after every three months compared to other filters like undersink filters where you replace after one year.

Top 10 Best Faucet Water Filters 2019- Review

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Best faucet mount water filters

This type of filter is mounted on the tap that has limited features. It has an adapter that makes easy to install to all standard sinks. They also have a diverter valve which you can easily divert from tap water to filtered water.

PUR PFM400H Chrome Horizontal Water Filtration Faucet Mount 

Faucet mount water filter

Where to buy

Maxion filter technology using activated carbon and ion exchange filters over mineral core for crisps and refreshing taste.

The filters require no tool for installation

The premium mineral clear filter is certified to filter removes 99% of lead, and over 70 other contaminants, including 96% of mercury, 92% of certain pesticide, mercury, industrial pollutants, pharmaceuticals, chlorine, disinfection by-products, and more

It is advised to filter 100 gallons and should be changed every three months to keep up maximum pollutant removal.

More visible clean sensor monitor indicates the filter status and always assures you will get safe drinking water direct from the tap.

This filter is work well with standard faucets but not compatible with pull-out or handheld faucets.

Culligan FM-15A Faucet Mount Filter

Best faucet mount water filters

Where to buy

Culligan FM-15A is one of the efficient faucet mount design which reduces unpleasant odor in water and improves water taste.

This filter is best for removing impurities such as sediment, odor, bad taste, turbidity, lindane, cryptosporidium, giardia cysts lead, chlorine and atrazine.

It includes FM-15RA filter cartridge which has a cartridge-change sticker to remind you when it’s time to change the cartridge 

Culligan FM-15A is NSF International certified that water and has a warranty of 2 years.

The filter kit is mounted directly onto your existing faucet with no tools. You can quickly switch the filter from unfiltered to filtered water by only pulling the diverter valve stem.

It includes adapters to fit all standard sink nozzles and does not fit drop down faucet.

This unit has a filter capacity of 200gallons and filters life of 2 months, so you change the filter after every two months.

The filtration rate of this filter ranges between 30-100 Psi.

Check the other option of Culligan faucet water filters

Culligan FM-25R Faucet Mount Replacement Filter

Culligan FM-15RA Advanced Faucet Filter Replacement Cartridge

Culligan FM-25 Faucet Mount Filter   

DuPont WFFM350XCH  Faucet Mount Premium Water Filtration Filter

Best Faucet Mount Premium Water Filtration Filter

Where to buy

The filter uses lifetime battery that indicates how many gallons the filter has cleaned on an easy-to-read electronic display.

DuPont faucet mount water filter improves taste and odor. It is also capable to reduce sediment, chlorine, cysts, lindane, benzene, asbestos, mercury, lead and clarity of your water.

It includes Microban Antimicrobial product protection built-in to the cartridge housing and media for improved filter performance and life.

This filter includes a carbon filter with a 200-gallon filter capacity.

DuPont WFFM350XCH installs only with a pair of pliers and attaches to most standard faucet except kitchen faucets with a pull-down spray head.

The Dupont faucet mount water filter can be easily set either filtered or unfiltered water

Kabter Faucet Mount Water Filter System 

 Faucet Mount Water Filter System

Where to buy

The filter is filled with activated carbon that can reduce contaminants such as sediment, chlorine, cysts, benzene, asbestos, mercury & lead. It also gets chlorine taste and odor.

Made of no leak food grade ABS plastic, making Kabter Faucet Mount Water Filter durable and convenient design.

It has adapters that make this product fits most of the faucets but will not work with pull-out or handheld faucets.

The filter needs to be replaced after 200 gallons or about 3-5months depending on water quality or usage.

In the package includes Faucet Water Filter, Filter Cartridge, and Adapters

InstaPure F2BCT3P-1ES Faucet Mount Water Filter System

 Faucet Mount Water Filter System

Where to buy

Certified by ANSI/NSF for reduction of chlorine bad taste and odor.

The filter allows the choice between filtered and unfiltered water.

Instapure filters, water up to 200 gallons or 3 months.

IREALIST Faucet MountWater Filter 

Faucet mount water filter

Where to buy

The IREALIST Faucet Water Filter contains filter material such as Sintered Activated Carbon, Maifan Stone, KDF and Cleaning Media. You can use different filter depending on the water quality.

This filter is suitable to remove impurities such as sediment, chlorine, rust, heavy metals, algae, colloid, bleaching powder, red worm, and impurity.

The filter life is 3-6 months and you can buy refill cartridge on the link below

Replacement Water Filter for IREALIST Horizontal Faucet Water Filter 

Faucet water filter

Faucet water filter

PUR Advanced Faucet Water Filter Chrome FM-3700B

Faucet water filters

Where to buy

PUR Advanced Faucet Water Filter is certified to remove over 70 contaminants; including 96% of Mercury, 99% of Lead and 92% of pesticides.

It has an electronic indicator to alert you when it’s time to change the filter.

Each filter has a filter capacity of 100 gallons and a filter life of 2-3 months.

This filter will not work with pull-out or handheld faucet but is compatible with the standard faucet.

It purifies water using Maxion filter technology which is the Pur unique formulation for blending carbon and ion exchange for maximum contaminants removal.

Mineralclear filters water over a natural mineral for crisps, refreshing taste.

The easy-1-click installation makes easy to remove and replace when you need extra space in the sink.

With 360-degree swivel makes the PUR Advanced Faucet Water Filter fits most sinks.

High-quality construction, new finishes, and material stand up to high kitchen uses.

How Pur Advanced Faucet water filter works


Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter System

Faucet water filters

Where to buy

This filter removes 99% of Cryptosporidium, lead, asbestos and giardia cysts contaminants found in water

Brita on tap faucet reduces chlorine taste and odor in water

It has a filter capacity of 100 gallons replacing over 750 standard 16 oz plastic water bottles and a filter life of 4 months

Each filter is mounted directly to your tap, fits standard faucet only and not pull-out or spray style faucets.

Filter indicator when it is the right time to replace.

Check the other option of Brita faucet water filters. 

Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter System Replacement Filters

Brita Basic On Tap Faucet Water Filter System

PowMax WW-42 Water Filter Faucet

water filter faucet

Where to buy

The PowMax WW-42 Water Filter Faucet filters water in 5-stages making it suitable to reduce contaminants like lead, pesticides, chlorine, industrial pollutants and mercury.

It provides up to 100 gallons of clean water or 6-months of use.

This product is compatible with standard faucets except for pull-out or Handhelds faucets.

Built-in electric filter life indicator tells you when it is right time to replace the filter.

Invigorated water-pH PURIFY Superior 8-Stage Faucet Filter  

Faucet water filter

Where to buy

The Invigorated water faucet filter cleans water in 8-stages (DIATOM CERAMIC, ZEOLITE, KDF, ACTIVATED COCONUT SHELL CARBON, CALCIUM SULFITE & PP ) making it effective to remove impurities such as  bacteria, chlorine, chloramine, chemicals, some fluoride, pesticides, viruses, colloids, fungi, , heavy metals including arsenic, lead, mercury & aluminium.

This faucet filters not only filters but increases PH and ORP. It also removes free radicals, adds beneficial minerals like zinc, calcium & magnesium ionizes and softens hard water. Resulting in supporting anti-aging, cell regeneration, improved hydration, reduced inflammation and help maintain good health.

It has connector kit which connects to all standard faucets.

The filter lasts for 6-month long life and you can purchase replacement filter using below link.

Invigorated water PH006 Faucet Filter Refill Cartridge

Faucet Mount Replacement Filter

Faucet Mount Replacement Filter

PUR Faucet Mount Replacement Water Filter 

PUR Faucet Mount Replacement Water Filter 

Where to buy

The PUR Faucet Mount Replacement Water Filter replaces the previous 2-stage water filter

Easy to change and fits all put filtration system.

The filter provides 400 gallons of water and filters water 4-6 months.

Culligan FM-15RA Replacement Filter Cartridge 

 Replacement Filter Cartridge

Where to buy

The Culligan FM-15RA Advanced filter provides 200 gallons of filtered water or 2 months. It filters out pollutants such as atrazine, chlorine, lead, lindane, sediment, turbidity while removing bad taste and odor.

It is Replacement filter Cartridge for Culligan FM-15A faucet-mount filter system.

This filter cartridge is NSF certified against ANSI standard and requires no tool to install.

Culligan FM-25R Replacement Filter Cartridge  

Culligan replacement cartridge

Where to buy

It is Replacement filter Cartridge for FM-25 Culligan Faucet Mount Filter.

The FM-25R advanced filtration removes atrazine, chlorine, lindane, lead, particulates class I, turbidity while removing bad taste and odor.

The system is tested and certified by NSF International against ANSI Standard 42 and 53. It lasts for 200 gallons or 2 months for fresher, cleaner drinking water.

Brita On Tap Replacement Filters

Replacement filter

Where to buy

The filter features spray and stream options for unfiltered water.

It eliminates lead, chlorine, cryptosporidium, and giardia

Brita on tap replacement filter lasts for approximately 100 gallons or 4 months.

These filters fit readily on the Brita Ultra Faucet Filter

DuPont WFFMC300X Ultra Protection

Faucet water filters

Where to buy

The filter has a 200 gallons filter capacity

The cartridge has built-in Microban Antimicrobial product protection to improve filter life

The DuPont faucet mount replacement cartridge fits well in with any of the following DuPont faucet mount systems:

  • WFFM100XW Premier Faucet Mount Drinking Water Filter
  • WFFM300XW Premium Faucet Mount Drinking Water Filter
  • WFFM350XW Deluxe Faucet Mount Drinking Water Filter
  • WFFS150XCH Sink Side Faucet Water Filter System

This filter improves taste, odor, and clarity of the water.

The DuPont WFFMC300X filter is best to reduce sediments, mercury, lead, chlorine, asbestos, cysts, benzene and lindane

It is also ultra performance filtration and better tasting water filter.

The filter is available in one or three packs.

InstaPure F2R-4ES Replacement Filter

Replacement filter

Where to buy

The replacement filter is certified by NSF/ANSI to reduce chlorine taste and odor.

It lasts after filtering 200 gallons or after 3 months.

The package includes 4-pack of filters.

Faucet Water Filter Replacement  Refill

PUR RF-9999 MineralClear Faucet Replacement Water Filter Refill

Faucet Replacement Water Filter Refill

Where to buy

Pur faucet replacement water filter provides 100 gallons of clean water and replaces the previous 3-stage filter.

The filter has a carbon filter that is certified and capable to remove contaminants such as lead, mercury, microbial cysts, industrial pollutants, pharmaceuticals, chlorine, disinfection by-products, and more while leaving behind beneficial fluoride.

PUR MineralClear Faucet Replacement Water Filter fits any PUR faucet filtration systems.

It is easy to replace you just unscrew the cap, remove the old filter, insert new, replace the cap and run water for five minutes

Bathroom faucet water filters
Bathroom faucet water filters

Home king Universal Shower Filter

Bathroom faucet water filters

It is for a bathroom faucet

Made of high-grade chrome material that will never break easily and stand out for how many uses it makes it durable.

 It uses carbon activated and calcium sulfate to remove harmful elements in the water when showering. The filtration process removes chlorine residue which makes it safe to use for people who have skin allergies, sensitive skin, and skin rashes. Also, this makes the skin softer and removes hair dandruff.

This product is compatible and easily fixed with all type of showers. Its cartridge is easily removed and changed without the use of tools.

With three stages KDF water purifier filtration which purify the bathing water to prevent your skin and hair from harmful impurities. It is also safe to for children and reduces the risk of skin infection.

Where to buy

CaptainEco 5-Stage Shower Filter

Bathroom faucet water filters

Where to buy

Filter water in 5 stages which remove chlorine, sediments

With Activated carbon Calcium Sulfite Ceramic balls & KDF filter which remove chlorine, bad smell of chlorine and sediment. This help to reduce the risk of cancer, asthma, eczema, and bronchitis

It has an inline system which prevents the growth of organic impurities like bacteria and algae. It also acts as purifier, softener, and moisturizer and protects sensitive skin.

Aqua Elegante High Output Luxury Shower Filter

Bathroom faucet water filters

Aqua Elegante uses KDF 55 purification media which get rid of heavy metal which stains bathtub

It is compatible with any shower head and easier to install.

It has a Filter capacity of 12,000 gallons and lasts six months

This filter is best for removing chlorine and kills bacteria. It also reduces the growth of fungi and mold. This makes it safe for sensitive skin and reduces the risk of eczema, dry skin, dandruff and itchiness caused by impurity found in your shower.

Faucet water filter is the cheap and convenient way to have safe drinking water in your house. You can install it within 2 or 3 seconds and has running filtered water in your home.

Where to buy

I hope our review and this guide will help you find the best faucet water filter you need in your home.


If you require any help, you can use our comment section below, and we will try our best to assists. Thanks.

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