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Best Magnetic Water Conditioner System (do they work)

A magnetic water conditioner is a type of water conditioner that uses a powerful magnetic field to polarize salt molecules in hard water, which helps to minimize calcium deposits and buildup in household appliances and plumbing.

Magnetic water conditioner

It is mounted on an incoming cold water line pipe and works well on any metal, plastic, PVC, or rubber.

Because it does not require a battery or energy to operate, the system is simple to maintain. It also doesn’t need salt to soften hard water.

Magnetic water conditioner installation is simple because it comes with a full kit that requires no plumbing modifications, making it simple to install without the assistance of an experienced plumber. Additionally, no tools are necessary during installation.

Best Magnetic water descaler

  1. Water Softener & Conditioner by magnetic water Technology
  2. Trillium Worldwide TWI-5001 Mineral Magnet II
  3. P3 water conditioner

How does a magnetic water conditioner work?

A magnetic water conditioner uses a powerful magnet that is attached to the exterior of your pipe. Remember calcium and magnesium are hard water elements that create scale in pipes and appliance components.

As water travels through the magnetic field unit, calcium and magnesium ions are altered and are no longer able to cause scale.

Magnetic water descaler does not remove hard water elements (calcium and magnesium), that form scale in pipes and appliance components. The unit retains the elements in water but alters the structure keeping the mineral from adhering to the pipe and fixtures. 

A magnetic water conditioner is a non-chemical alternative to a single tank or cabinet-style water softener. It is also a good alternative to an electronic water conditioner since it does not use electricity making it ideal for areas with electricity problems.

Magnetic water conditioner reviews

  1. Water Softener & Conditioner by magnetic water Technology


  • Type- magnetic water conditioner
  • Uses-Ultra-Powerful Neodymium Magnets
  • It best fits small homes, apartments, and mobile homes

The latest hydro-magnetic technology for water treatment with no salt needed.

It uses Larger Extra heavy Ultra-Powerful Neodymium Magnets to change the molecular structure of particles that cause hard water not to form scale or build up in the pipes, water heaters, and other house appliances.

This magnetic water technology conditioner is two neodymium magnets embedded together, therefore, surrounding 360 degrees around the pipe. 

It is suitable to reduce minerals, calcium, and limescale in water causing hard water spots.

The system can be used in conjunction with salt-based softener, uses no electricity powered by nature, and requires no maintenance or servicing.

This product is made of solid US steel which is better than China plastic polymer encased.  Meaning the magnet is not hidden by plastic so you can see how much larger the magnet are.

With this type of water conditioner, it is important to see the size because the size and grade of the magnet are what makes it work.

The model is great for small homes, apartments, and mobile homes but not larger homes. Therefore makes this water descaler portable.

The product fits any size of the pipe and any material from copper, iron, ABS, and PVC.

When comes to warranty the product has a 10-year warranty.

This unit can be installed indoors or outdoor because the base is 31/2 inch length galvanized and the topcoat is triple coated with rubberized to resist the weather.

Similar items from Magnetic water technology

Magnetic Water Softener Double Power Duplex – No Salt Water Softener – Magnet Water Treatment

Medium Size COMBO High-Quality Neodymium Magnetic Water Softener-Conditioner 

It Consists of one Large and one Duplex model unit for one low price.

The two set units can be used to cover both the cold water line and hot water heater outlet

AUSTRALIAN VERSION Neodymium Magnetic Water Softener & Conditioner 10 MAGNETS

  1. Trillium Worldwide TWI-5001 Mineral Magnet II

The Trillium Worldwide uses a powerful magnetic field to modify the polarization of minerals in hard water, therefore, helping reduce calcium deposits and build-up in house appliances and plumbing.

It is installed on an incoming fresh water pipe that is 1.5-Inch in diameter or smaller.

 It will work very well on any metal, plastic, PVC, or rubber.

  1. P3 water conditioner

P3 water conditioner uses PVC and ceramic ferrite magnets to polarize salt molecules in hard water so as to prevent lime-scale buildup.

It fits any standard 3/4-inch water pipe and requires no battery or electricity to operate.

This product Measures approximately 1 by 7-3/4 by 2 inches and has a 10-year limited warranty.

Benefits of magnetic water conditioner

  •  It is easy to install with no tool needed.
  • When it comes to installation anyone can install it because no plumbing modification is required. So you require no qualified plumber to help install.
  • Requires no servicing or maintenance.
  • It uses high-grade Neodymium Magnets which are more powerful than ceramic magnets.
  • Comes with a complete kit that requires no plumbing modification, therefore, making it easy to install without the help of a qualified plumber.
  • It uses no electricity or salt to condition hard water.
  • It fits any size pipe and material

Disadvantages of magnetic water conditioner

  • The magnetic water technology conditioner does not soften hard water but alters hard water structure particles so that does not cause build-up on your house plumbing and appliances.

How long does magnetized water last?

Magnets paralyze hard water elements for 48 hours after that water returns to its hardness.

Can you boil water with magnets?

Yes you can boil water with magnets

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