Salt free water softener is the best water softener alternative or ideal for people with sodium restricted diet.

Hard water has so many adverse effects on our homes and the negative impact on our bodies.

Salt free water softener

Installing a water softener in your water source is the only way to solve hard water problems.

In the past years, most water softeners used salt to remove excess minerals no longer needed, but there are considered to have a more negative aspect.

So, many brands have considered solving the problem by manufacturing a water softener that no longer uses the salt commonly known as salt free water softener. 

Comparison table 

Product name capacityprice
Aquios FS-220 Salt-Free Water Softener Water softeners40,000 gallonsAmazon
Aquasana 10-Yearwater softener1,000,000 gallonsAmazon

Nuvo H20 DPHB Water Softener SystemWater softener50,000 gallonsAmazon
Pelican Water Salt-Free Water Softenersalt free water softener50,000 gallonsAmazon
Pelican water
Abudant flow watersalt free water conditionerAmazon
NoCalc Compact Water SoftenerAmazon
Tier1 Compatible Whole House Salt-Free Water SoftenerAmazon
Discount filters

Triple Action Poly Salt-Free Water Softenersalt free water softenerAmazon
Fountainhead water system Water softener without saltAmazon
Filter smart Whole House Water Filter and Salt-Free Softener Combonon salt water softenerAmazon
PurHome Premier Salt-Free Softenernon-salt water softenerAmazon

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The salt-free water softener is also known as the tankless water softener/saltless water softener or no salt water softener.

How Salt-free water softener works

It is also referred to as a water conditioner or descalers.

They don’t remove hard minerals they are retained in water, but they alter the chemical structure of salty water through a technology called Template Assisted Crystallization.

Any mineral present in water is changed and become harmless such that won’t affect or form scale on your appliances or surface.

Do salt free water softeners really work

A salt-free water softener does not soften water but conditions. That’s why it is also called salt free water conditioner.

It doesn’t remove hard water minerals but allow them remain in water.

The system alters the structure or changes minerals so that it does form scale on the appliances or house plumbings.

The method does not work well if your water is higher than 10 – 12 grains per gallon. 

Water with a high hardness level of chemicals requires a salt-based water softener.

Benefits of Salt-free water softener compared to the salt-based water softener

  • Prevent scaling without the need of using salt.
  • It requires no electricity to operate.
  • Salt-based water softener wastes a lot during backwash, but salt-free does not require salt there is no need for backflushing, therefore, saves a lot of water reducing the water bills.
  • Water softeners that use salt require salt to be added regularly. Addition of salt is the ongoing cost of operation.
  • A salt-based water softener is large so they need ample space compared to a salt-free water softener that is compact and small can fit anywhere. Also in addition to space water-based softener requires a drain nearby to discharge the backwash water.
  • Salt-free water softeners are best for those on a sodium-restricted diet or have cardiovascular issues.
  • Research has shown that minerals such that calcium and magnesium can have a health benefit, so salt-free water softener do no remove them but eliminate the problem of hard water leaving the healthy mineral for consumption.

What to consider when buying a salt-free water softener

Know your water level of hardness

A salt-free water softener is not for every hard water condition.

Test your water first, and if it has a hardness above 12 grains per gallon you need to buy salt-based water softener.

Testing for Water Hardness

Salt-free water softener types

There are two different types of salt-free water softener. These includes

  • Catalytic media conditioners

This type the water is passed through a catalytic media.

The media alter the structure of your hard water through a process called template Assisted Crystallization (TAC).

The mineral in your hard water is transformed into a hardness crystal that does not create a scale on the appliances.

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  • Electronic water softener/conditioner

The water is either conditioned using magnetic or electric waves.

Magnetic salt-free water softener

This type uses magnetic which is positioned around water pipes to alter hard minerals in the water. The hardness in water is paralyzed for 48 hours after that water returns to its hardness.

Electric salt-free water softener

It uses electric pulses that disrupt hard water mineral which causes scaling.

Review of  the best salt-free water softener 

Aquios FS-220 

Aquios FS-220 

The Aquios FS-220 is a salt-free whole house water softener and at the same time is a water filter.

It removes contaminants such as sediments, silt, and chlorine

The system requires no maintenance and electricity to operate.

It uses natural technology Polyphosphate additive known as Siliphos which slow downscale deposits and combines with carbon block filtration at 5 microns.

The carbon filter significantly reduces chlorine, organic impurities, odor, and taste.

The system includes the first cartridge that is rated to last for 40,000 gallons or six months before the replacement is needed.

You can buy  Aquios Full House Water Softener/Filtration Replacement Cartridge here.

Aquios FS 220 has a warranty of 20 years on the housing and valve.


  • Capacity – 40,000 gallons

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Aquasana 10-Year, 1,000,000 Gallon Salt-Free Softener 

Whole House Water Filter with Salt-Free Softener

The system can be used as a water filter and water softener. It is a whole house water filter which removes chlorine, rust, silt, pesticides, herbicides, sediments, industrial solvents, and soluble metal. It is also salt-free softener which is proven to reduce scale on your tap, showerheads, and glassware.

This system has a capacity of 1,000,000 gallons.

Aquasana does not require electricity to operate and naturally soften your water using innovative Nucleation Assisted Crystallization softening technology. The technology naturally softens your water without adding additives like sodium and retains essential healthy minerals in the water.


  • Capacity- 1,000,000 gallons

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Nuvo water softener 

Nuvo water softener is designed to condition water through the process called chelation.

This water softener has a cartridge which releases citric in hard water.

The citric acid released in water form a ring structure that blocks hard water ion from forming scale or hard water deposits on your house plumbing and appliances.

Nuvo water softener does not require electricity or salt to operate, making it ecofriendly.

All Nuvo water softeners are FDA and NSF approved.

Nuvo water softener has a compact design that fits almost everywhere like apartment or condos.

When it comes to warranty Nuvo water softener has a lifetime warranty.

Nuvo water system offers three models:

  • NuvoH2O Manor Softener System
  • NuvoH2O Manor Softener + Taste System
  • NuvoH2O Home Softener System

NUVO H2O DPSB Studio Water Softener System 

nuvoh2o reviews

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NUVO H2O DPSB Studio Water Softener System is ideal for apartment or RV with 1-person.

It uses 2×10 inches cartridges which comes in the package. The cartridge is replaced after 10,000 gallons.

The replacement cartridge is available – Nuvo H2O SHP-2516 Studio High-Performance Water Softener Replacement Cartridge

Nuvo H2O Dphb-a Home Water Softener System

Nuvo H2O Dphb-a Home Water Softener System

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Nuvo H2O Dphb uses 2×20 inches cartridge which is replaced after 20,000 gallons.

It is ideal for home with 1-2 people or up to 2,000 square fit.

Nuvo H2O Dpmb-a Manor Water Softener System

nuvoh2o reviews

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The system has a capacity of 50,000 gallons which best suits an average of four or more people or home of over 2,000 square feet.

It uses salt-free replacement cartridges that remove hard water scales and need to be replaced once or twice per year or after 50,000 gallons.

The replacement cartridge is available online – Nuvo H2O Dpmb-a Manor Water Softener System, 8 X 26″ – New Model – No More Hard Water by Using Revolutionary Technology!- 

Nuvo H20 is not suitable for areas where water hardness is above 10GPG.


  • Type- It is a salt-free water softener
  • Capacity- it has a capacity of 50,000 gallons
  • It best suits the home of four or more people


Water softener without salt

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The fountain headwater system is a salt-free water softener that uses media Tac technology to condition its water.

Triple Action Poly Salt-Free Water Softener

salt free water softener

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The polysalt free water softener is designed for both well and taps water up to hardness of 25grains and flow rate of 30GPM.

It has a lifetime warranty on catalytic core and 2-year warranty on all housing parts, 90 days complete satisfaction warranty

This product comes complete with installation nipples ready to install, stainless steel inner screen and polyphosphate included. It uses polyphosphate to treat your water.

Pelican water softener

Pelican water softener is a salt-free water softener that condition hard water without the use of salt.

Pelican water softener needs no electricity to operate. It operates using a NaturSoft Template Induced Crystallization Media (T.I.C). The presence of the media into hard water turns hard water into crystals. The crystal in hard water absorbs minerals that make water hard, therefore, leaving water in a form that cannot form scale on home appliances.

The media does not remove hard water minerals but neutralize such that cannot cause scale build-up on appliances. So the water hardness level does not change.

Pelican Water Salt-Free Water Softener & Conditioner  

Pelican water softener

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Purchase direct from Pelican water

The Pelican NS3 Natursoft water softener system is maintenance free and does not require electricity, no potassium/salt is needed.

It is tested and certified by WQA according to NSF/NSI 61 for scale prevention leaving beneficial mineral in the water.

This product comes with sediment filter that filters particulates lower to 5 microns that are a smaller size than that diameter of a human hair or even size of dust and pollen particles!

The system is designed for 1-3bathroom use.

Included in the box is sediment filter, salt-free water softener, sediment filter housing, bypass valve, mounting kit, sediment filter wrench, o-rings, split rings, quick connection nuts, and plastic male NPT.

Scale Sentry Scale Prevention Salt-Free Water Conditioner Whole House System by abundant flow water 

salt free water conditioner

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The Abundant flow water system provides scale-free water without the use of salt and chemicals.

It treats up to 15GPm and hardness up to 25gpg.

It comes with 2 stage sediment and carbon filter for general filtering of your water and to protect the scale prevention media.

In the box includes a bypass valve, 10″x54″ Enpress Vortech Tank, 1″ MNPT connectors and DIY Installation Instructions.

NoCalc Compact Water Softener CombiCompact Starter Pack

NoCalc Compact Water Softener CombiCompact Starter Pack

Check the latest price on Amazon

The NoCalc combicompact Protects appliances from limescale buildup & filters sand, grit, and impurities for your water.

It operates with no electricity and no maintenance.

The starter kit comes with the dispenser housing, two brass connectors, one cartridge, one wrench to loosen up the dispenser housing, and owner’s manual

Tier1 Compatible Whole House Salt-Free Water Softener System  

salt free water softener with Pre-Filter Water Filtration System

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The Tier1 Compatible Whole House Salt-Free Water Softener System is suitable for a home with 1-3 bathrooms.

It helps in reduction of sediments and scales.

The system utilizes template Assisted Crystallization (TAC) which require no electricity, no brine tank, salt, backwash waste, or control valve.

In the package includes 8-inch x 44-inch resin tank with scale inhibiting media blend, 10 inches by 4.5-inch sediment filter with housing and bracket, required flex connector(s), and ball valve and nipple(s).

It is easier to install you need merely connect tier 1 salt-free water softener to your water supply, and the softening system will go to work.

Filter smart Whole House Water Filter and Salt-Free Softener Combo 

non salt water softener

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Filter smart product will provide your entire family with softened and free contaminant water.

It has a whole house water filter which uses all-natural coconut shell carbon that uses absorption to remove chlorine and other potentially harmful contaminants. The water filter requires changing out after every 8-10 months.

The carbon and other parts of this system are NSF certified.

The filter smart softener requires no salt and electricity to operate therefore makes it easier to maintain.

PurHome Premier Salt-Free Softener– PS-1000, 1- 3 Baths


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The puritec premier is a water conditioner that is effective at reducing the effects of hard water.

It is easy to install, requires no salt and electricity to operate.

The water softener has sediment pre-filter which makes water crystal clear

Replacement media for salt-free water softener

Replacement Media for Salt-Free Water Softener

Aquasana Replacement Media for Simply Soft Salt-Free Water Softener EQ-SS20 

Replacement media for salt free water softener

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Check the latest price on Aquasana

The Aquasana Replacement Media is for salt-free water softener EQ-SS20.

It is required to be replaced after every six months or 50000 gallons, and no plumber is needed.

This system uses SLOW PHOS salt-free water softening technology to condition your water and prevent water home appliances from rust without the use of sodium. Slow PHOS technology uses food-grade polyphosphate beads at a slow speed to effectively target scale creating hard mineral carbonate crystals and alters the ionic charge such that hard minerals will no longer create scale or buildup.

The media will not demineralize your water or add excessive sodium to the environment.

It reduces salt at a flow rate of 7GPM.

Nuvo H2O M-42416 Manor Water Softener Replacement Cartridge

water softener replacement cartridge

Check the latest price on Amazon

The replacement cartridge treats water for about six months.

The cartridge contains a proprietary, FDA-approved formulation and a patent-pending distribution system making this salt-free water softener the best solution.

This system removes and prevents hard-water buildup that clogs and destroys your entire home water appliances.

Tier1 Series 10000 Whole Home Salt-Free Water Softener Replacement Media Kit 

salt free water softener replacement media kit

Check the latest price on Amazon

The Tier1 Series 10000 is the recommended replacement media kit for Tier1 systems.

It comes with a resin tank and ensuring the tank is ready for installation. The media utilizes Tier 1 Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC) technology to reduce the build-up without the use of salt or electricity.

We believe that this article on Top 10 best salt-free water softener helped you in the best way of making the right selection of salt-free softener. For more on other water treatment options, keep visiting our page.

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