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Best Water Filters Ultimate Buyers Guide Ever

Your body is 72% water; skin is 80% water and blood is 90% water; this means your health and your body depends on healthy water to perform many functions.

Water Filters Ultimate Buyers Guide Ever

In particular, blood uses water to transport oxygen and nutrients throughout the body where else skin needs water to maintain elasticity and moisture barrier. There are many other countless functions our body depends on water to function such as removing toxins in the body, respiration, and digestion.
So, water intake is essential to your body and not just drinking water but consuming healthy water. So, when drinking water, we should confirm that our drinking water is healthy and safe for human consumption. Unfortunately, that is not possible in today’s world; getting access to healthy water for drinking is a nightmare due to some reasons such as human pollution, industrial pollution, and environmental degradation.
That’s why every home requires a water filter and a water purifier to confirm that our drinking water is healthy and safe.
Since you have known how important it is to have the water filter in your home, it becomes hard to determine the best water filter.

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What do you need to consider before buying a water filter?

1. Contaminant in your water source
Every water sources have contaminants. If your water source is tap water or public-supplied water, there are contaminant presence such as:
Volatile organic compounds
If your water source is another rather than tap water, there are impurities that you will find such as:
Heavy metals
Bottled water has become primary sources of drinking water the whole world, but this water also has contaminants such as chemicals which are present in plastic bottles.
Most of the bottled water is tap water which has impurities. Except having impurities, empty bottles are thrown away daily causing pollution. Also, it is very expensive compared to water filters.

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2. Where to install water Filter
There are two places where to install water filter: point of use (POU) and point of entry (POE). POU water filter cleans water at a point of consumption this is filters installed under the sink, on the faucet or either through a pitcher or at the countertop unit. POU is what every home requires most to make sure you have safe drinking water.
POE treats all the water that enters your home. It is installed a particular place just after water enters your home.
3. Methods of water filtration
Water filtration method is not the same as water purification Learn more about water purification method.
Water filtration uses different methods such as:
• Carbon filtration
Carbon filtration filters are made of granular activated carbon (GAC) or block carbons. GAC has an electropositive charge which attracts negative ions of contaminants and sticks to the surface of carbon material giving you clean water.
It uses a process called adsorption.
Benefits of carbon filtration
• Removes sediment in the water
• Removes tastes and bad odor in water
• Reduces the amount of hydrogen sulfide
• Cost effective but requires changing filters more often
• Not suitable for removing heavy metals such as fluoride, arsenic, and many others
• Not useful for removing inorganic impurities
• Reduces water flow rate
• Kinetic degradation flux (KDF)
It is also called copper-zinc systems. It uses chemical process and granules of zinc and copper to filter water. When water passes through copper and zinc granules, some of the impurities are drawn toward zinc, and others are attracted to copper. Then there is the chemical process that is added which releases ozone and compounds that kill contaminants like bacteria and organisms.
This method is effective when combined with other methods that utilize carbon and particulate
It uses Zinc- Copper formulation and a chemical process called oxidation formulation.
Advantages of KDF
KDF eliminates heavy metal such as lead, mercury, and fluoride
Effective for removing chlorine and hydrogen sulfide
Remove certain bacteria, fungi, and viruses
For it, to produce safe water it is combined with other methods to filter water.

  • Reverse osmosis

Also called Particulate/ ceramic or mechanical

This method contaminant water is forced to pass through small pores in a membrane. Clean water passes through and impurities are left behind.

It’s effective to remove large particles like sediments, sand, and parasites

It doesn’t remove chemicals, so it is effective when combined with other methods
• Ion exchange water softeners
Ion exchange water softeners involve two method water softening and deionization. It is used to reduce water hardness
Deionization water is passed through ion exchange unit which hard ions are replaced with soft ions.
This method is not effective since it doesn’t purify water but softens.
It is effective when combined with other methods
• Distillation
Water is boiled and turns to steam. In the process of heating, it kills bacteria and when steam evaporates it leaves behind minerals, heavy contaminants, and waste material. Steam is cooled and returns to water.
4. Types of water filters
There are different types of water filters available in the market every type is based on filtration need and cost. Each type can use two or more filtration method.
Whole house water filters– It is installed at the main line water entry. It is the best point of entry filter which filters water for the entire house. Whole house water filter is the best filter every home should install.
Undersink water filtersIt is installed under the sink and filters water that comes from the tap. It is fixed permanent and requires enough space under the sink
Countertop water filterIt is connected to the faucet and filters water as use it. The best thing it has a diverter valve so that you can switch between filtered water and tap water.
Faucet water filters It is fixed to the faucet, but they don’t take up counter space. It has a valve that allows choosing between filtered water and tap water
Water filter pitchersThey are like jugs which filter a maximum of 10 glasses of water
Portable water filtersThey are used for camping, traveling, backpacking and anyone who enjoys the outdoors. Portable filters are water filter bottles and purification tablets and mixes
Hydro packs filters– This is an emergency water filter. They are used in times when there are floods, earthquake and severe and periodic water shortage.
Shower and bath filter– They are installed in the showers. One of the reasons for considering a shower and bath filter in your home is the health risk associated with daily exposure to the chlorine by-product in tap water while bathing and showering.
• Refrigerators
5. Capacity
The amount of water your family consumes every day determine the type of water filter you require. There are some of the filters which give you limit or unlimited amount of filtered water.
6. Modern features
Nowadays water filter comes with advanced technology such as
Filter change indicator which alerts you it’s time to replace a filter
7. Filtration rate
Some water filter slows down the water flow rate that makes too much time to get enough water you need for your family. Other water filters speed up water flow rate which increases water pressure, which is too strong and can damage the pipes.
The required water pressure rate is between 55-65 Psi.
8. Certification
To make sure you have a good water filter, make sure the filter is not only certified by the manufacturer but by the independent body such as NSF International and water quality association. You can check the independent certification body available in your country.
9. Replacing, annual and maintenance cost
Most water filters are cheap, but the cost of replacing filters and maintenance cost is more expensive than the filters itself.
Also, consider some water filtration method which wastes a lot of water if your water supply is from Municipal you will end incurring high water rates annually
10. Ease of use
Most of the water filters do not require professionals to install them. When buying look for the water filter that has installation guide and when you need to change filter that is ease of change.
11. Permanent or nonpermanent
There is some filter that is installed permanent which is required you drill holes to mount and requires professional to fix it. Permanent filters are not suitable for renter or dorm resident because it requires permanent modification. Other’s are non-permanent this you don’t need drilling of holes or modification to install.
12. Customer service and support
Water Filters have a warranty range of six months to one year. If you have any question regarding the issue, you need a manufacturer that has friendly customer service either in the form of email or call support.

Water filters are one of the essential gadget every home need so as to make sure you consume healthy and safe water. Make sure before purchasing consider the above factors to make sure you have bought the right water filter for your home.

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