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Countertop water filter buying guide (what to look for)

The countertop water filter is one of the most popular and simplest water filtering systems in our homes because it requires no installation. However, buying one for your home use or office is a daunting task. We got you covered, check out the countertop water filter buying guide.

Countertop water filter buying guide

What do you need to look before buying a countertop water filter


As the name applies countertop water filter are placed on the sinktop or table top.

You need adequate space on top of your counter to place the filter.

If you do not have enough space on your countertop you can decide to have a desk or table to place your filter. If not so you might consider installing other types of water filters like under sink water filter or the faucet water filter

Impurities the system can filter

Every water source has different contaminants and each countertop water filter brand is meant to remove specific contaminants.

Before buying know the contaminants that are in your water so that you know the right system to filter the impurities.

How much water your family consume every day

The most countertop water filter can treat water for a family of six.

Also, the more water you consume the more frequent you will have to change the filter.

The more people you have in your family the more frequent you will be required to change the filter and this might be expensive compared to other types of water filters.


Countertop water filters use cartridges and require to be replaced after a given period of time.

Most of the brands require cartridge to be replaced every four months up to one year.

Choose the product that you can easily change stress free, the replacement filter is available and the cost is affordable.

I read somewhere a customer bought a countertop water filter that was costing $59 but the replacement filter was not easily available and wherever you find it will cost four times more than the system.

Types of countertop water filter

There are different types of countertop water filters that you can choose from. This include:

  1. Countertop gravity water filter 
Countertop Water Filter Dispenser

A gravity dispenser uses gravity to pull water through the filter.

It has an upper chamber and lower chamber.

The upper chamber is where contaminated water is poured then passes through the filter which is between lower and upper.

The filtered water will flow to the lower chamber where is stored.

The filter dispenser does not require electricity to operate, do not need any installation; it can sit on any countertop either in the office or kitchen.

The only disadvantage is keeping on adding water and waiting for a couple of hours for the whole process.

Find out best countertop gravity water filter

2. Countertop Water Filter Dispenser

countertop water filter dispenser

It works with the same principle as gravity water filter above.

Find out best Countertop water filter dispenser

3. Faucet style hook up

Sinktop filter

It is a filter installed in your faucet system to clean the water before it runs out of the tap.

Some require a specialized plumber to install the whole system.

Faucet style hook up give you option to choose from filtered and unfiltered water

Best Countertop water filter faucet style hook up reviews

4. Countertop reverse osmosis filter

This type uses a reverse osmosis membrane to filter contaminated water.

They are suitable for homes with high exposure to heavy metals (arsenic, lead, fluoride, chromium, radium, and much more) and removes up to 99% of total dissolved solids (TDS).

Best countertop reverse osmosis filter

5. Countertop water filter pitcher

Countertop water filter pitcher

The pitcher is a jug that has a filter and is placed on the countertop or table.

6. Countertop alkaline water filter 

This type of filter is connected to the standard kitchen faucet. They not only remove contaminants but has a special filter cartridge that adds important minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium on the regular water leaving you with alkaline water.

This type has a PH level adjusted.

Advantages of countertop water filter

  • Easy to install and doesn’t require plumbing to change or fix.
  • Affordable
  • The most countertop water filter uses a combination of different filtration with multiple stages, providing clean water for drinking.
  • The filter is replaced once a year.
  • They don’t clog easily if compared with faucet and pitcher filter
  • It keeps reminding you to drink more water- There are placed on more visible places compared to other filters such as under the sink or whole house water filter which is placed under the counter or water filter pitcher which is put in a fridge. So when the water filter is on your countertop it encourages taking recommended water every day.

Disadvantages of countertop water filter

  • They take countertop space
  • Faucet style hook up don’t fit all faucets, so you need to purchase an adapter./diverter valve
  • They take a long time to filter water for instance you can take five hours to distill one gallon.

How to install a countertop water filter

Installing the countertop water filter is simple, no professional or plumbing is required.

It has a diverter valve to replace. This is the only part you need most.


Unscrew aerator of the tap

Screw the water filter diverter and you are done.

Bonus video on how to install 

How a countertop water filter works

Most of the countertop water filters in different stages and each one of them is responsible to remove specific contaminants present in your water.

Which contaminants does countertop water filter remove?

Countertop water filter help remove chlorine, particulates, volatile organic compounds, radon, turbidity, bacteria, virus, bad odor, and taste
In case the filter has reverse osmosis membrane it help remove total dissolved solids and other heavy metals like mercury, lead, fluoride and more.

Which kitchen faucet do countertop water filter connect?

Most countertop water filter connect to standard kitchen faucet but make sure before you purchase you confirm it works with specific faucet type.

If you have a small space and you are looking for a less expensive way to provide your family with clean water for drinking, and cooking use a countertop water filter is a good choice for you.

Make sure you read the buyer’s guide thoroughly so as you choose the best water filter that will remove impurities present in your water.

If you are using countertop in your house please let us know which model you are using and how is doing in the comment section below.

Best countertop water filters

 nameimageFiltration stageFilter durationWhere to buyreplacement cartride
1lake industries Stainless Steel CountertopFaucet style hook-up countertop alkaline water filterstage 11000 gallonsBuy from AmazonLake industries 10 inch Carbon Block Water Filter Cartridge
2Brondell H2O+ Cypressstage 36-12 monthsBuy from AmazonBrondell H2O+ HF-25 Water Filter Replacement
3CleanWater4Less®stage 110,000 gallonsBuy from Amazonno replacement filter
4puricom ZIP countertop water filterstage 412 monthsBuy from AmazonZIP Countertop Water Filter Replacement Filters Bundle by puricom
5APEX Countertopstage 5750 gallonsBuy from AmazonAPEX RF-1050 Alkaline Filter Cartridge
6Home Masterstage 33 months/500 gallonsBuy from AmazonHome Master Replacement Water Filter
7ZEN water systemsstage 5500 gallons or six monthsBuy from AmazonZen Water Systems 5S-F 5-Stage Mineral Filter Cartridge
8Big Berkeynot available3000 gallonsBuy from AmazonThe Black Berkey Replacement Filters & Fluoride Filters
9Aquasana AQ-4000Wstage 3450 gallons or six monthsBuy from AmazonAquasana Replacement Filter Cartridges for Aquasana Countertop Water Filtration System
10Watts 500315stage 13000 gallonsBuy from AmazonWatts MAXETW-975 10-Inch 5-Micron for Multi-Cartridge

13 Best water countertop water filter

  1.  Watts 500315 Counter-Top Drinking Water Filter
  2.  Aquasana AQ-4000W Countertop Water Filter System
  3. The Stainless Steel Countertop Water Purifier Filter (10 Micron Carbon Block) lake industries  
  4. Brondell H2O+ Cypress Countertop Water Filter System 
  5. CleanWater4Less® Countertop Water Filtration System
  6. Coway Aquamega 100 Water Purifier
  7. Big Berkey BK4X2 
  8. Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2 
  9. Brita 60258360394 Ultra Max Filtering Dispenser
  10. ZIP Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter by puricom
  11. ZEN water systems 4 Gallon 
  12. APEX Countertop Drinking Water Filter 
  13. Aquasana Clean Water Machine, Powered Water Filter Pitcher

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Countertop water filter buying guide