Genesis Water Softener Reviews

The genesis water softener is one of the best water softener available in the market. The manufacturer of the Genesis water softener is unknown but discount water softener is the only company that sells this type of water softener. The sellers handle even the warranty and other shipping issues.

Genesis water softener review

Genesis water softener comparison table

NameImageWhere to buy
Discount Water Softeners Premier 48,000 grainDiscount Water Softeners Genesis PremierRead more and buy
Discount Water Softeners Genesis Duo 32,000 GrainDiscount Water Softeners Genesis DuoRead more and buy
Discount Water Softeners Revolution 64,000 GrainDiscount Water Softeners RevolutionRead more and buy
Genesis EconoSoft Water Softener 24,000 GrainsGenesis EconoSoft Water SoftenerRead more and buy

All the model of the Genesis is manufactured and assembled in the USA. In this article, we have done research and provided an unbiased review of Genesis water softener.

Yes, we do sell a cover for the control valve. It is not on Amazon. That can be purchased on our website

There is a different model of Genesis water softener. We are going to review

Here are the Genesis water softener reviews

Genesis EconoSoft Water Softener, On Demand, Digital Metered Downflow (24,000 Grains) by Discount Water Softeners 

Genesis EconoSoft Water Softener


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Products specification

  • Capacity-24,000, 3200, 40000 and 48000 grains
  • Demand Metered control head
  • 10% Crosslink Resin
  • Lifetime warranty on resin and brine tank
  • 7-years warranty on the control head

Genesis EconoSoft Water Softener uses on-demand metered control. The control features simplified programming, setup, and installation making it easier for DIY’ers.

In the package includes:

  • 1.25 Cu. Ft. 10% Crosslink Resin which is made in North America
  • ¾ and 1 inch Noryl Plastic Threaded connections
  • Resin tank which measures 10×44
  • Brine tank which measures 13 x34 and holds 220lbs of salt.
  • Control Head/Valve
  • Salt Grid and Safety Overflow Assembly

The resin tank and brine tank has a lifetime warranty while the control head/valve has a 7-years warranty.

This type has a capacity of 24,000 Grains which is ideal for families of four and water that does not contain any grains that are relatively hard. Also, the 24,000 grains supplies 8-gallons of water per minute that is enough to run dishwashers, kitchen faucet, two showers, and washing machine.

The Econsoft water softener utilizes 10% Crosslink Resin which last longer on chlorine water, therefore, making it ideal for tap water. It is suitable for municipal water because it is pretreated therefore has fewer grains.

If you want this model but in larger grain, the Econosoft is available in different capacity-32000 grains, 40000 grains, and 48000 grains.

Discount Water Softeners Revolution 64,000 Grain Water Softener High-Efficiency Up Flow

Discount Water Softeners Revolution

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Genesis Revolution water softener uses on-demand metered digital control. It has a larger internal control valve porting that allows the water to flow through at a higher rate

The system has a flow rate 20GPM at a 15psi drop. It provides 20 gallons of water per minute which is suitable for higher flow rate and larger homes.

The Revolution is designed for homes with more than 4 bathrooms or homes with 5 people or more allowing for more fixtures to be used at the same time

Most demand metered Water softener regenerate immediately when they reach it recharge capacity but Genesis revolution is different. It features delayed regeneration.

Delay regeneration means the system will allow unsoftened water to pass through the system to your faucet waiting until the middle of the night for the system to regenerate.

The genesis revolution has advanced technology when it comes to regeneration when the system reaches 3% of regeneration it will automatically enter into a short regeneration until 2 am when it will fully regenerate. This way you will have softened water throughout until full recharge takes place.

In addition to advanced technology, this model has most advanced features it has to upflow regeneration meaning it only allows the system regenerates the depleted resin. The upflow regeneration drives away hardness from the resin to the drain instead of downflow that forces “dirty” water through the clean charged resin.

It also features Green Technology that reduces salt discharge by as much as 75% and 64% less water.

In the package includes Metered Control, Salt Grid that prevents salt bridging, Safety Overflow float assembly, Quick Connect features on bypass, drain line, power cord, 2.0 Cu. Ft. 10% Crosslink Resin,  1″ unique bypass with integrated turbine meter, 12×52 Resin tank and 18×33 brine tank which holds over 300lbs of salt.

The brine tank and resin tank has a lifetime warranty while the control head has a 10-year warranty.

The system features a 7-day automatic flush cycle which flushes out stagnant water preventing bacterial growth.

Other system specification includes On Demand control valve with electronic sensors, adjustable cycles, True 1″ porting design allows for higher flow rates for larger homes, Large 4 line Touchpad LCD display, and proven seal and spacer design.

If you want this model Genesis revolution but in other capacities, the system has different sizes 32,000, 40,000, 48,000, 80,000 and 96,000 grains

Genesis Revolution – High Flow, High-Efficiency Water Softener – Discount Water Softener

Discount Water Softeners Genesis Duo 32,000 Grain Water Softener and Whole House Chlorine Filtration and Removal System, Digital Metered, High Efficiency, Direct Flow and Upflow Brining

Discount Water Softeners Genesis Duo

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The Discount Water Softeners Genesis Duo is a water softener with a Complete Whole House Filtration using Catalytic carbon for chlorine and chloramine removal in a separate tank to optimize performance.

This system features Genesis Premier On Demand Metered Control, 1 Cu. Ft. 10% Crosslink resin, 1″ unique bypass with integrated turbine meter, 9×48 Resin tanks, Large 14×14 brine tank holds up to 200 lbs of salt, Salt Grid prevents salt bridging Safety Overflow float assembly, 1 Cu Ft of Catalytic Carbon 3/4, flow rate 7.2GPMand Tank Tux Jacket reduces tank sweating

When comes to warranty the system has a lifetime warranty on resin tank, brine tank, and salt grid. The Metered Control head has a 10-year warranty.

It utilizes upflow brining which calculates the exact amount of salt brine required for regeneration. This helps save up to 30% of salt compared to the downflow water softener.

This product also features Automatic System Refresh which flushes out stagnant water after 7-days of non-use, therefore, preventing bacteria growth in your softened water.

Discount Water Softeners Premier 48,000 Grain Water Softener, Digital Metered, On Demand, High-Efficiency Up Flow

Discount Water Softeners Genesis Premier

The Premier is a standard flow system. Basically, the Premier is normally used on homes up to 4 bathrooms.

Genesis Upflow Premier Water Softener – Discount Water Softeners



The agenesis water softener is capable of removing iron up to 3-3.5ppm as well as soften water. Hardness can be as much as 50-60gpg.

The frequency of regeneration depends on your water usage.

Most models can handle water pressure up to 125PSI

The system can be installed outside as long the cable can reach the electrical outlet. It needs 110V electrical. Also, it requires to be shielded so the company sells a cover for the control valve which is only purchased on the website, not Amazon.

The model is shipped with the resin already installed in the tank up to and including 48,000 grain. The grain above 48,000 the resin is not installed in the resin tank comes packed separately with a funnel for easier installation.

You can use either potassium chloride or sodium chloride on Genesis water softener. The system is shipped out with the standard salt setting. The only thing you need is to adjust the system to high capacity if you are using potassium chloride

The Genesis water softener is used in both private well water and city water the only thing you need to do is change the setting of the control valve. If your private water well is high on iron and sediment you need an iron filter and a sediment filter.

All Genesis water softener comes with a bypass valve.

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