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Best Handheld shower filter with vitamin c for healthier skin

A handheld shower filter with vitamin C is a device that uses mineral beads and a vitamin C filter cartridge. It filters out chlorine and other chemicals from your water. It also adds vitamin C to the water for added health benefits.

Handheld shower filter with vitamin c

Best vitamin c handheld shower filter

 NameImageReplacement filterWhere to buy
1PureAction Buy from Amazon
2ADOVELBuy from Amazon
3Densors Buy from Amazon
4Aecodune Buy from Amazon
5Blancomes Zen Body Shower HeadBuy from Amazon
6Invigorated water pH REJUVENATE Buy from Amazon
7SEANADO Buy from Amazon
8IHAO Buy from Amazon

Handheld shower filter with vitamin C review

  1. PureAction Vitamin C Shower Head Filter with Hose and Replacement Filters

The PureAction Shower Head Filter uses a Vitamin C filter cartridge and a universal mineral blend of tourmaline and Seoul stone balls to remove chlorine, chloramine, sediments, and fluoride. It also helps soften hard water by filtering iron, rust, chrome, and heavy metals.

This pure action handheld shower head filter comes with a hose, three aroma vitamin C cartridges, a shower mount, and Teflon tape.

The aroma Filter Cartridge will need to be replaced every month and the mineral Beads Need to be Replaced Every 4 Months. Use the link below to purchase a replacement filter

Replacement filter for the PureAction Vitamin C

  1. ADOVEL Shower Water Filter System, handheld

The ADOVEL hand-held shower water filter is a 16-stage system that removes chlorine and heavy metals.

16 stages include

  1. Two stainless steel mesh filters prevent large sediment from entering the water.
  2. Two ultra-fine stainless steel mesh filters help prevent dust, silt, and sediment from entering the water.
  3. Maifan stones: adjust the PH of the water
  4. Vitamin C Balls: infuse Vitamin C.
  5. Mineralized Balls release revitalizing minerals such as calcium, manganese, and potassium.
  6. Magnetic Energy Balls: energize water with oxygen.
  7. Ceramic balls increase oxygen in the blood.
  8. Alumina: removes fluoride and phosphate
  9. Alkaline balls: balance the pH of the water.
  10. Calcium Sulfite: removes all chlorine.
  11. KDF55: reduce chlorine and controls scale build-up.
  12. Zeolite removes heavy metals and adds active minerals.
  13. Coconut activated carbon: reduces chlorine and VOCs.

The cartridge will last for 6 months. Buy a replacement filter using the link below.

  1. Densors Vitamin C Filter Shower Head with Replacement Filters

Densors shower head filter softens, filters, and remineralizes your bathwater.

It comes with three Vitamin C-enriched filter cartridges.

It is easy to install and fits any type of standard shower, including wall-mount showers, dual spray, temperature combos, fixed, and hand-held showers. 

  1. Aecodune XL Vitamin C Shower Head With Filters & Replacement Filters

The Aecodune shower head filter pack includes 3 vitamin C aroma blocks and 4 types of beads.

Vitamin C aroma blocks come in three scents: lemon, rose, and jasmine and they last for three months. Use the link below to buy aroma blocks.

Aecodune Premium Vitamin C 

Tourmaline, Maifan, Zeolite, and calcium Sulfite are the four types of beads, and they last 10-12 months. Use the link below to buy replacement beads.

Aecodune Premium Vitamin C Shower Head Replacement mineral beads

This system filters water in five stages, which include:

Stage 1 vitamin c for collagen production

Stage 2 tourmaline help boost beneficial mineral absorption

Stage 3 Maifan adds beneficial minerals.

Stage 4 zeolite helps reduce toxins while retaining beneficial minerals.

Stage 5 reduces that funny smell and promotes skin elasticity.

For easy installation, a hose, wall mount, and Teflon are included in this package.

  1. Blancomes Zen Body Shower Head

The Blancomes Zen Body Handheld Shower Head comes with vitamin C and four different types of filter beads.

Tourmaline, Maifan, Zeolite, and Calcium Sulfite are among the filter beads.

Stones should be replaced every 4-6 months, and the lemon cartridge every 1-2 months.

Three vitamin C cartridge filters, a bag of mineral beads, and no hose are included in the package.

  1. Invigorated water pH REJUVENATE Vitamin C Shower Filter

The Invigorated water pH REJUVENATE Shower Filter includes a Vitamin C filter cartridge and mineral beads to make water clean.

The filter duration is 4 months. Use the link below to purchase a replacement filter.

PH004 Shower Filter Refill Kit

How to replace the PH004 Filter in your pH REJUVENATE Filtered Shower Head

  1. SEANADO Vitamin C Filter Shower Head with Hose and 3 Replacement Balms

The SEANADO showerhead uses a vitamin C block and mineral beads to effectively remove chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, odors, and other deposits, resulting in soft, healthy water.

The vitamin C block is available in lemon and rose scents.

The vitamin C aroma filter cartridge needs to be replaced every 3 months, and the mineral ceramic filter beads need to be replaced every 6 months.

The showerhead, 60-inch shower hose, shower holder, 3 replacement cartridge filters, replacement mixed filter balls, and sealant tape are all included in the package, which is presented in a luxurious gift box.

  1. IHAO Vitamin C Filter High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head

The IHAO Vitamin C handheld showerhead filter uses a vitamin C filter and mineral balls to purify and soften water.

The showerhead is made of stainless steel, and the vitamin C block is available in four aromas: lavender, mint, rose, and lemon.

The kit comes with a 60-inch shower hose, shower arm, replacement cartridge filters, and sealant tape, all packaged in a stylish gift box.

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