Kenmore water softener reviews 2019

Kenmore is a well-known brand when it comes to home appliances. It offers appliance such as refrigerator, dishwasher, water treatment appliances, vacuum cleaners, grills, and washing machine. The company was established in 1913, and first, they manufactured sewing machine which was sold well from the year of the manufacturer to 1919. From 1927 onward the company started introducing other home appliances, and that’s where Kenmore water softener was born.

kenmore water softener

Namecapacityflow rate (GPG)no. of householdhardness removedWhere to buy
Kenmore 38300240007.3up to 4 pple35GPGAmazon
Kenmore 38420 410009more than 6120GPGSears
Kenmore 38350320008up to 6pple45 gpgSears
Kenmore 386203100011.84-6pple100 GPGAmazon

All Kenmore products are sold by sear since the company started. The company is American owned, so it needs no introduction in the USA. Up to today, almost 33% of American homes own at least one product of Kenmore. Since the company manufactures a variety of home appliances in this article, we discuss water softener.

Kenmore has four models of water softener which are not complicated, making them ideal for the first time water softener users.

It is a whole house water softener system that removes hardness using the ion-exchange method. So it is a salt-based water softener.

Why Kenmore water softener

  • Kenmore water softener features IntelliSoft2

The  IntelliSoft2 learns household water usage and determine the time for regeneration based on that. Also, the IntelliSoft2 ensures the system does not run out of capacity (softened water) before the next regeneration. The IntelliSoft2 uses less percentage of salt and water. For instance, how IntelliSoft2 works the system can regenerate when its capacity is 50% used the amount of salt used will be less compared with when the system regenerates at 100%.

  • Kenmore is NSF certified; this help guarantees quality.
  • Warranty

When it comes to warranty this model has 10- year limited tank, 1-year limited warranty on parts and labor.

All Kenmore water softener utilizes demand initiated regeneration

  • Single tank design

This water softener is a single tank design, so it helps you save space, making it ideal for an apartment or if you have limited space.

Kenmore water softener reviews

Kenmore 38300 24,000 Grain High-Efficiency Water Softener


Kenmore 38300 Water Softener

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  • Capacity-24,000 grains
  • High flow valve
  • LCD screen
  • Utilizes demand regeneration
  • Flow rate-7.3 GPM

Kenmore 38300 is a 24,000 Grain capacity. The water softener is ideal for families up to four people with water hardness up to 35 grains per gallon.

It features IntelliSoft2 which help save salt and water. The IntelliSoft2 uses up to 20% less salt and 32% less water.

This model utilizes demand initiated regeneration where the system regenerate when necessary help saves salt and water.

Kenmore 38300 Water Softener also features an LCD screen, which helps easy menu selection, high flow valve, and installation accessories are included in the package.

Other features:

It has a salt storage capacity 200lbs and a flow rate of 7 GPM.

Kenmore 38420 41,000 Grain Ultra High-Efficiency Water Softener

Kenmore 38420

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  • Capacity-41,000 grains
  • Water monitoring system
  • LCD screen
  • A light salt tank which tells advanced low salt indicator
  • Utilizes demand regeneration
  • Ultra-flow valve
  • Flow rate-9GPG

Kenmore 38420 has a capacity of 41,000 grains. The water softener is ideal for a family more than six with water hardness up to 120 grains per gallon.

It features IntelliSoft2 which consume 20%less salt and 32% less water.

This product also features ultra-cleansing this helps prevent large particles of sediment from entering your home plumbing.

When it comes to performance, the model has an ultra-flow valve which provides better performance than a high flow valve.

The Kenmore 38420 Water Softener has a monitoring system that tracks daily water usage.

In addition to other features, it has lightened LCD screen, which is easy to read the menu regardless of lighting. The salt tank has a light that indicates when the lid is open and when it needs a refill.

Other features:

  • Water flow rate 9GPM and salt storage capacity of 200 lbs.

Kenmore 38350 32,000 Grain Extra High-Efficiency Water Softener

Kenmore 38350

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  • Capacity-32,000 grains
  • LCD screen
  • A light salt tank which tells advanced low salt indicator
  • Utilizes demand regeneration
  • High-flow valve
  • Water flow rate-8GPM

Kenmore 38350 is a 32,000-grain capacity water softener. It is perfect for a family of up to six people.

This water softener removes hardness up to 45 grains per gallon.

It features IntelliSoft2, Lit LCD screen and LED salt tank light. The lit LCD screen helps read the menu regardless of lighting. The LED salt tank light indicates when the lid is open and is an advanced low salt indicator

The model has a high-flow valve, which ensures continuous water flow. It also has an ultra-cleansing system which keeps a large particle of sediment from entering the home plumbing system

Kenmore Elite 38620 Smart Hybrid Water Softener

Kenmore Elite 38620

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  • Capacity-31,000 grains
  • LCD screen
  • A light salt tank which tells advanced low salt indicator
  • Utilizes demand regeneration
  • Track water usage
  • Water flow rate-11GPM
  • Water filter non-replaceable
  • Monitor your system anywhere and anytime with Kenmore smart app

Kenmore 38620 is a softening and filtration system that removes chlorine taste and odor without replacing the filter.

It has a capacity of 31,000 grains and water flow rate of 11.8 GPM

This water softener tracks daily water usage, salt level, and continuous water flow.

The water softener is ideal for a family of 4-6 and treats both well and municipal water.

You can monitor this water softener anywhere and anytime. All you need is download Kenmore smart app which available for smartphones and tablets, and you will receive the alert.

Kenmore water softener problem

Read more from water smarts system to find out common problems and solution. Also, they will help fix the problem.

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