10 Best On the go portable water softener review (2019 buyers guide)

Enjoying the benefit of a water softener is not only for homeowners. With the new technology, you can enjoy softened water wherever you go, and that’s where portable water softener comes in. The portable water softener is a simple device that provides softened water in the same way as a whole house water softener. But portable water softener is not stationed in one place but provide softened water no matter where you go.

portable water softener


A portable water softener is best for holidays, boat owners, apartment renters, tiny house, spa, and Car connoisseurs. So the on the go water softener is something you must-have if you move a lot.

Best On the go portable water softener review

On The Go OTG4-DBLSOFT-Portable 16,000 Grain RV Water Softener

on the Go portable water softener

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Capacity: 16,000 Grain

Regeneration salt: table salt

Tank size: 22”H x 9.50” diameter

Filters: 1600 gallons or lasts up to 40 days

Added features: handle to carry on top, cap and plug to prevent leakage while traveling, large mouth for easier salt addition

The on the GO portable RV water softener is the standard and compact design available in the market.

The product measures 22”H x 9.50” diameter. Its compact and space saver design allows being installed in the tightest places. In addition to its compact design, it can be easily stored in your storage bay or dockside locker.

This product has a capacity of 16,000 grain, regenerate with two boxes of common table salt within 30 minutes and provide soft water up to 1600 gallons or lasts up to 40 days.

It features unique characteristic such as easy to carry handle on top, the travel-friendly option of cap & plug to prevent leakage, large mouth opening for easy salt addition, 360-degree swivel for easy connection of the inlet hose, high-grade premium resin and is built for quick & simple regeneration.

If you are worried about how to connect it from the water supply, the product utilizes a standard garden hose connection between park faucets and your RV or marine. It also requires no tool and electricity for connection.

In the package includes Back-flush adapter for quick reverse connection when required, hardness test strips, storage inlet/outlet caps, handle, inlet hi-flow shut off valve, back-flush adapter, high pressure 4’ white drinking hose and a full cradle base for a very secure & stable setting

This brand is available in different model including:

On The Go Park Model Portable RV Water Softener & Conditioner

On The Go OTG4-StdSoft-Portable 8,000 Grain RV Water Softener

How to regenerate Standard, Double Standard and Park Model on the GO Softener.

Step 1: Make sure you have enough salt for regeneration.

The recommended quantity is as follows:

Use one full 26 oz. Box of common table salt for the Standard model, two full 26 oz. Boxes of common table salt for the Double Standard Model and four full 26 oz. Boxes of ordinary table salt for the Park Model. In tough conditions, also use 1-2 TSP of Super Iron Out for the Standard model, 2-4 TSP for the Double Standard Model and 4-6 TSP for the Park Model softener.

Step 2: Open top cap

Step 3: Replace cap, remove the outlet hose and rinse slowly

Rinse for 12-15 minutes for the Standard Model.

Rinse for 24-30 minutes for the Double Standard Model.

Rinse for 50-60 minutes for the Park Model.

A stream of water should clear the side of the tank.

Step 4: Increase water flow to fast-rinse.

Rinse for 3-4 minutes for the Standard Model.

Rinse for 6-8 minutes for the Double Standard Model.

Rinse for 10-12 minutes for the Park Model.

Regeneration cycle will be completed when there is no salt taste in the water.

Backflush instruction for the On Go water softener

Backflush your Standard Softener every three months for 2-5 minutes, Double Standard Softener for 5-10 minutes and 10-15 minutes for the Park Model by connecting water source to softener outlet and turning water on full stream.

Note: If Back-flush and Re-gen are done together, perform Back-flush first

You can use potassium to regenerate the system. Follow the same steps as if you are using common salt.

Portable Water Softener 16,000 Grain Capacity ABC waters

water softener for rv

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Capacity: 16,000 grain

Filters: 2000 gallons

Regeneration salt: table salt or rock salt.

Tank size: 10″x18″

Added features: the handle for easy carry, inbuilt stand

The ABCWaters is ideal for water softener unit to soften hard water while on the go. It is good for car washing and boats too.

It is capable of regenerating 2000 gallons of softened water. Also, it regenerates in minutes using table salt or rock salt.

This product tank measures 10″x18″ and has a capacity of 16000 grains. It also includes a handle for easy carry, an inbuilt stand that allow tank stand upright.

Mobile-Soft-Water Portable 16,000 Grain 

rv water softener

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Capacity: 16000 grains

Filters: 1600 gallons

Removes: calcium, magnesium, Iron, Lead, Radium and heavy metal

Regeneration salt: table salt

The mobile soft portable water softener is capable of removing 16000 grains

This portable water softener removes calcium, magnesium, Iron, Lead, Radium and other Heavy Metals found in well and some municipal water.

It is capable of treating up to five gallons of water per minute of supply water with a 10-grain Total Hardness. The whole system treats up to 1600 gallons of water.

In the package include: 9 inch diameter fibreglass reinforced plastic pressure vessels designed for 150 psig operating pressure, One half (1/2) cubic feet of C-108 cation resin 8% crosslink styrene softening resin is loaded into the tank, the inlet and outlet connection made of a Nylon (lead free) male hose connection made from NSF 61 listed materials. Each male hose connection will be capped for mobility E.

It is suitable for recreational vehicles and uses table salt for regeneration.

Watts Water Quality/Condition M7002 Flow-Pur RV-Pro 10,000 Water Softener

On the go water softener

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Capacity: 10,000 grains

Filter –up to 4GPM per minute

Regeneration: table salt

Removes: calcium, magnesium, and iron

The watts water technology portable water softener is capable of removing calcium, magnesium and trace amount of iron from the water.

The product has inbuilt drain line flow restrictor which provides a more effective regeneration increasing capacity by up to 55%.

It has custom designed flow valves which allow regeneration without having to connect and disconnect the system.

This product has a full cradle base that keeps the tank more secure than connecting open base tank.

You only table salt for regeneration, offers a high flow rate, treats up to four gallons of water per minute with the low-pressure drop.

Hoping our review of the best portable water softener will help find the best system to treat your hard water.

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