Best Reverse osmosis booster pump (electric and permeate)

The pressure is a key component when it comes to the reverse osmosis system. RO system requires a higher incoming water pressure for water to pass through the layers of the tiny membrane. The membrane needs incoming water pressure at 50 psi in order for water to pass through the tiny membrane. If you have water pressure less than 50 psi, you’ll need to look at reverse osmosis systems that include a booster pump or purchase a booster pump to increase water pressure

Check your incoming water pressure using the water pressure gauge

Important of a booster pump to your reverse osmosis system

If your incoming water pressure is less than 50psi the system will produce low quality water and reject more water to the drainage leading to high water bills.

To reduce water wastage you need to install a booster pump to increase pressure. Also, the increased pressure will help the system work efficiently therefore provide quality water and tank will fill faster.

It adds pressure needed to perform treatment function and help to move treated water from the storage tank to the point of use such as the faucet

Types of reverse osmosis system

There are two types of pump use in reverse osmosis system

Booster pump-raise water pressure as it enters the RO unit

Delivery or demand pump – move filtered water from storage tank to the appliance such as faucet, refrigerator, and ice maker.

In the market, there is an electric pump and permeate pump.

Electric pump requires electricity to operate while permeate pump uses water pressure to increase pressure needed.

Permeate pump not only saves energy it reduces the water required to flush membrane. For instance, instead of using four gallons to produce one gallon of water, RO system using permeate pump waste one gallon to produce one gallon of filtered water. You need two gallons of contaminated water to produce one gallon of pure water.

Aquatec AQUATEC-ERP-1000 Permeate Pump

RO pump

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Looking for energy saving device, AQUATEC-ERP-1000 Permeate is a non-electric pump. It utilizes turbine pump that uses the pressure of the wastewater to pump clean water into the storage tank.

The AQUATEC pump increases product tank pressure and decreases waste water by up to 50%.

The pump comes with installation instruction, utilize ΒΌ inch quick connect fittings thus makes easy to install

It is adequate for low-pressure application and inlet water pressure for as low as 30 psi

Other types of AQUATEC PUMP

Aquatec ERP-500 Permeate Pump for up to 50 GPD

Aquatec CDP 8800 water booster pump + Transformer 115V 1/4 & 3/8

Watts Premier 560043 Water Filtration Booster Pump Kit

booster pump

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The best thing about this pump comes with everything needed to connect to your water filtration system.

Transformer is 110v


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