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Reverse Osmosis System Parts and accessories

Except for changing filters and membranes, you also need to clean, sanitize, replace, upgrade, and maintain other parts and accessories of your reverse osmosis system. This helps to keep your reverse osmosis system up and running smoothly. We have prepared a list of reverse osmosis system parts.

Reverse osmosis system parts

These Reverse Osmosis parts include connectors, tank pressure shut off switch, filter wrench, refrigerator ice maker kit, automatic shut-off valve, check valve, flow restrictor, O-ring set, filter clip, tubing, mounting bracket, screw, drain adapters and clips. The accessories include an RO Tank, RO Faucet, RO Booster Pump, TDS meter, and an RO pressure gauge.

Reverse osmosis system parts table

RO partimageFunctionWhere to buy
RO Faucetprovide filtered water to the point of useBuy from Amazon
membrane Housingreverse osmosis membrane housingIt is where membrane elements are stored safely.Buy from Amazon
filter housingIt is where cartridges, and filters elements are stored safely.Buy from Amazon
WrenchBest Reverse Osmosis Parts and AccessoriesHelps to tighten, remove and loosen the housingsBuy from Amazon
O-rings setBest Reverse Osmosis Parts and Accessoriesthey guarantee leak proofBuy from Amazon
Automatic shut off valveautomatic shut-off valvestop flow of water back into the unit, when the storage tank is fullBuy from Amazon
Flow restrictor flow restrictorEnsures filtered water does not go in the drain pipeBuy from Amazon
Reverse osmosis storage tankReverse osmosis storage tankwhere filtered water is stored waiting to be transported to its point of useBuy from Amazon
Reverse osmosis replacement filtersBuy from Amazon
RO MembraneReverse Osmosis Membranethe heart of reverse osmosis system.Buy from Amazon
Check valve reverse osmosischeck valve reverse osmosisPrevent water from flowing back to the RO membraneBuy from Amazon
RO pumpbooster pumpIt adds pressure needed to perform treatment function and help to move treated water from storage tank to the point of use such as faucetBuy from Amazon
RO pressure gauge water pressure gaugetest your home water pressure.Buy from Amazon
Filter cliphold inline filters andBuy from Amazon
Tank pressure shut off switch
Buy from Amazon
Mounting Bracket, Screw, and clipsScrew helps to mount filter housing to the bracket and holds a membrane clipsBuy from Amazon
Fridge Connection and Ice Maker Kit for Reverse Osmosis Water SystemsIt is used to connect filtered water output from RO system to your ice maker, coffee maker, or refrigerator.Buy from Amazon
TDS metertest and monitor quality of your water regarding total dissolved solid (TDS).Buy from Amazon

Reverse osmosis system parts.


Reverse osmosis housing

Reverse osmosis housing is where the membrane, cartridges, and filter elements are stored safely. We have two types of housing.

  • Membrane housing
  • Filter housing

Membrane Housing

No Brand Marking Membrane Housing

It is a standard-sized reverse osmosis membrane housing with 1/8″ FPT Connections.

The housing fits standard residential membranes made by Filmtec and GE, which have a capacity of 18 to 100 GPD.

AMI Component Membrane Housing for Home RO System

The housing is used in the home RO system and can fit standard residential RO membranes. A fit membrane that has a capacity of 10 to 150 GPD and a membrane size of 1.5-1.8” diameter × 10-12” Length

The packet contains a pre-lubricated and pre-installed O-ring.

Express Water Quick Connect Standard RO Reverse Osmosis Membrane Filter Housing Cartridge

To guarantee the standard, this housing is made of heavy-duty, FDA grade, 100% polypropylene and acrylic styrene BPA FREE plastics.

It is ideal for industrial standard water filters.

It features push technology that allows connecting and disconnecting quickly without the need for any tool.

White filter housing sump for reverse osmosis 10″ RO canister 1/4.”

It fits most standard-sized RO systems using 10-inch filters.

Liquatec MH09-1812WH Reverse Osmosis Membrane Housing

O-ring set

O-ring for reverse osmosis

Water filter o-ring

iSpring ORBX2 O-Ring for Big Blue Water Filter Housing 

The O-ring fits 10 inches and 20-inch big blue water filter housing

It is a leak-proof guarantee and built to last.

They ensure filter housings don’t leak. O-ring need to be changed regularly mostly when you are replacing cartridges

iSpring ORFX3 O-Ring for 10″ Water Filter Housing Sump O-ring (Set of 3)

This O-ring is ideal for 10-inch water filter housings, pre-filter housings for RO systems, countertop water filters, and whole house water filters.

It comes with a set of three and has a diameter of 31/2 inches O.D.

APEC O-Ring Set for 3.5″ Diameter Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Housings (3 Pack O-RING-SET)

A set comes with a pack of three and has a diameter of 3.5-inch O.D

If you are looking for an O-Ring that fits standard filter housings of APEC ultimate RO systems and essence RO systems, APEC O-Ring will serve you best.

Automatic shut off valve
Automatic shut off valve for reverse osmosis

Automatic shut-off valve

It is mostly used in under-sink reverse osmosis systems. The shut-off valve stops the flow of water back into the unit when the storage tank is full.

Aquaboon Automatic Shut-Off Valve

It is made using NSF compliant material and comes with quick connect fittings for reverse osmosis.

DIGITEN 1/4″ Automatic Shut-Off Valve with Quick-Connect Fittings For RO Reverse Osmosis(Pack of 2)

The package has a pack of two shut-off valves.

Turn off the water supply when the tank pressure reaches 65% of the supply water pressure.

Purenex ASOV Auto Shut Off Valve

Shut off the feedwater entering the RO unit when the tank pressure reaches 2/3 of the feed water pressure.

Malida Automatic Shut Off Valve

Malida comes with a quick-connect fitting.

The tube connections are ¼ inch with “in” and “out” labelled on the top.

Check valve reverse osmosis
Check valve for reverse osmosis

It allows water to flow forward, not backward.  Prevent water from flowing back to the RO membrane. Every unit has at least one, but you need two for the best unit.

Malida 1/4″ Quick Connect Check Valve

The check valve fits all under sink water filter systems.

It is a 1/4-inch quick connect check valve.

It is made of POM material.

TmallTech Check Valve for RO Reverse Osmosis

TmallTech check valve is 1/8 inch thread male to ¼ -inch tube elbow check valve

More check valves

JOHN GUEST 1/4″ One Way Check Valve RO Reverse Osmosis

John Guest 3/8″ One Way Check Valve

Flow restrictor
Flow restrictor reverse osmosis

A flow restrictor regulates the amount of water that flows to the drain. This ensures filtered water does not go down the drainpipe.

TmallTech 50GPD Flow Restrictor

It is a 50GPD restrictor 300CC

Abundant flow water 50 GPD Flow Restrictor

An inline flow restrictor for the RO system.

To be used on the system that utilizes a 50 GPD membrane element and is 420 ml in size.

Filter clip
Filter clip

TmallTech Big/Small Double Clip Clamp

It is a big or small 2.0″ x 2.5″ double clip for RO mounting.

Reverse osmosis revolution RO clips

This clip contains a membrane housing, two membranes together, and a 2.5-inch diameter filter.

Tank pressure shut off switch
Tank pressure shut off switch

AquaTec Tank Pressure Shut-off

It is the shut off switch for the AQUATEC booster pump.

AFWFilter Tank Shutoff (TSO) Switch for Aquatec Booster Pumps

Mounting Bracket, Screw, and clips

Mounting bracket, screws, and clips

A screw helps to mount the filter housing to the bracket and holds a membrane clip. When buying, check on that. Some sets come with only screws to mount the housing without a membrane clip.

Refrigerator/ ice maker connecting kit
Refrigerator/ ice maker connecting kit

It is used to connect filtered water output from the RO system to your ice maker, coffee maker, or refrigerator.

iSpring Fridge Connection and Ice Maker Kit

APEC Water Systems ICEMAKER-KIT-RO-1-4 Ice Maker Kit


In the reverse osmosis system, the amount of water that has a contaminant is wasted. The drain pipe is used to flush out contaminated water in the system.

If you didn’t find what you were looking for in our reverse osmosis parts section, or if you simply want to know which reverse osmosis part fits your system, please contact us.

Please do not hesitate to contact us through the comments section, and our team of experts will assist you as needed.

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