Water softener for well water is specifically designed to treat water that comes direct from well that standard system cannot remove.

The well water comes straight from the ground into your home, so it has a high concentration of minerals, sediments, and iron that why it need a particular system to treat.

If you receive water from the private well, you are responsible for the quality of your water not like municipal water that is treated before supplied to the people.

Best Water softener for well water

Best water softener for well water with iron

NameImageremovesCapacityWhere to buy
Water boss 700well water softener10ppm iron22,000 grainsCheck Amazon
Water boss 900WATER BOSS 74011 Waterboss Water Softener10ppm iron36,500 grainsCheck Amazon
Whirlpool WHES308ppm iron30,000 grainsCheck Amazon
ABCwaters ABC48K-56SXT-FM.ABCwaters Built Fleck 5600sxt 48,0006ppm iron &manganese48000 grainsCheck Amazon
AFWfilters ironpro 2AFWfilters Iron Pro2 6ppm iron64,000 grainsCheck Amazon
Morton ultra water softener7ppm iron27,000 grainsCheck Amazon
GE water softener7ppm iron30,000 grainsCheck Amazon
Dura Water softenerwater softener6ppm iron48000Check Amazon


water boss

Check Amazon for the best price

Water boss is high efficient system with built-in iron filter and sediment filter.

The system is on computerized on-demand regeneration which requires only 12-16 gallons of water and 2.5 to 4 lb of salt to regenerate.

The regeneration only takes 17 to 19 minutes, depending on the salt setting of the unit.

This product is rated to 22, 000-grain capacity and measures 25.75″ H. X 14.75″ W. X 18.75″ D.

It is capable of removing 10-micron sediment removal, and 10 ppm (parts per million) iron removal.

 In the package include Hardness determination test and Installation CD.

Another water boss model that is suitbale for removing iron.

Water boss 900

This model is 36,500 grain capacity that is capable of removing 10-micron sediment and 10 ppm (parts per million) iron

Whirlpool WHES30 30,000 Grain

whirlpool to remove iron

Check Amazon for the best price

Whirlpool WHES30 30,000 Grain is suitable for a household of 1-4+people.

It is capable of removing up to 8ppm of clear water (ferrous) iron and hard water symptoms making it work well on city water or well water.

For a safety guarantee, the system is NSF certified.

This system saves salt, water and makes the regeneration process easier.

The system employs demand initiated regeneration meaning it automatically calculate how much salt and water is required to regenerate and only use what is necessary, resulting in a significant salt and water savings.

It has a warranty of 3-year limited electronics warranty, 10-year limited warranty on the tanks, 1-year part, and labor.

The full parts and labor warranty can be extended to 2 years when you buy three bottles of Whirlpool WHEWSC cleanser (sold separately).

The whirlpool comes with a simple to program electronics and includes a low salt indicator light.

In the package includes installation kit, bypass valve and come ready to connect to 1-inch male pipe thread.

More Whirlpool water softener

Whirlpool Pro Series 48000-Grain

Whirlpool Salt saving 33000-Grain 

Whirlpool WHES40E 40,000 Grain 

Whirlpool WHES30E 30,000 Grain 

Whirlpool WHESFC Pro Series

Whirlpool 44000-Grain Model # WHES44

ABCwater ABC48K-56SXT-FM 48k Complete fine mesh

ABCwaters with built in iron filter

Check Amazon for the best price

ABCwaters is a combination of  a water softener and water filter.

Get rid of iron and manganese while softening your hard water using ABCwaters ABC48K-56SXT-FM.

The system has fine mesh resin which treats up to 6 PPM of Iron & up to 6 PPM of Manganese.

It is recommended for well water homes.

The system has a capacity of 48000 grains which is recommended for the family size 3-5 and Service Flow up to 12 GPM.

It is digitally controlled by a Fleck 5600sxt valve which makes the unit simple to use. 

The Fleck 5600sxt digital meter has a five-year warranty.

In the package includes all installation kit such as silicone lube, a hardness test strip, a sanitizer packet, 4 ft 3/8 in brine line, small parts kit, and an install guide written by ABCwaters technicians.

This whole house system has a mineral tank and brine tank.

The tanks are black, but other colors are available upon request.

The mineral tank has a diameter of 10 inches while brine tank holds salt up to 250lbs.

Both tanks have a warranty of ten years.

The unit comes fully assembled and ready for plumbing. For easier plumbing in the package, there is an installation and programming guide under Manuals and Specs which are easy to find or get a professional to do it for you.

To guarantee safety, the system is WQA certified.

Installation video

AFWfilters Iron Pro 2 with Fleck 5600SXT digital metered valve 

water softener with iron filters

Check Amazon for the best price

It has a capacity of 64,000 grains and uses fine mesh resin which is capable of filtering iron.

The fine mesh resin will last for 6-8years.

The system uses Fleck 5600SXT digital metered valve which is high efficiency, easy to use and has a five-year warranty.

This product is capable of removing hardness up to 75 gpg, Iron up to 6-8 ppm range, Manganese up to 6 ppm, sediment, sand, and rust.

In the package comes complete with brine tank, DIY instructions, and bypass valve.

The brine tank color may vary and has a ten-year warranty.

This system uses a meter based regeneration meaning the water you use is measured, and the system only regenerates when it needs to.

If more water is being used the system regenerates more often while less water is used the system often regenerates to conserve water.

The system shipped in several boxes which contain the resin tank, one with the brine tank, several with the resin and one small box for the valve control/computer combo.

Morton ultra 27,000-Grain 

morton system saver

Check Amazon for the best price

Morton ultra water softener is 27,000-grain capacity which is capable of removing the hardness of 95gpg and iron 7ppm clear.

This model measures 22.50 W x 19.00D x 44.00 H Inches when assembled

The size and its compact single tank design help save the space.

All Morton system utilize look-ahead technology. The technology learns your family water usage and regenerated when needed.

It features an electronic control valve which has two option on the best time to regenerate. This include regenerates tonight and regenerate now. The option makes it more comfortable to set the best time to regenerate.

Also, all Morton system offers a warranty of 10 years on tank and 1-year on labor and part

More Morton model

Morton demand control 45,000 Grain 

Morton elite 34,000 grain

Morton premium 30,000 Grain

Morton select Morton 20,000 Grain 

Ge 30,000 Grain Standard Flow 

Ge water system

Check Amazon for the best price

GE 30,000 Removes 95 grains per gallon and 7 PPM of iron.

All GE system utilizes SmartSoft technology which ensures you have softened water for your family.

The technology learns family water usage and makes sure you never guess when to refill the salt tank.

Features large opening angled lid, easy to use electronic control valve with status light indicator and audible alarm.

Suitable for the family less than four and holds 200lbs salt capacity.

This model has a warranty of 3-year electronic monitor, 1-year labor warranty, 1-year entire appliances and 10-year resin and brine tank

It has a permanent memory setting in case the power goes out you don’t have to worry how to set the system.

Other GE model that removes iron

GE 31,100-Grain 

GE GXSH40V 40,000 Grain 

GE® 45,100 Grain GXSH45V 

DURAWATER Fleck 5600 SXT Iron Pro 48,000 Grain

water softener

Check Amazon for the best price

Dura water iron pro is 48,000-grain capacity capable of removing all hardness, 6-8ppm of iron, sediment, sand, rust, and manganese up to 6ppm.

It is ideal for home with 2-5 people, 3-5 baths.

Every unit comes loaded with 1.5 cubic foot fine mesh resin designed for iron and hard water removal.

Dura water system is controlled with the Fleck 5600 SXT Metered control valve. The control valve is easy to use and set up.

This system utilizes meter based regeneration which means the water your family use is measured, and it regenerated when needed.

In the package include:

  • 14 x 14 x 34 brine tank which can hold 250 LBS of salt
  • USA structural black resin tank
  • Safety float prevents overfilling and the overflow drain

How to choose Water softeners for well water

  • Contaminants it removes

The Well water contains a high concentration of minerals such as iron, manganese, calcium, and magnesium not like municipal water that is already treated.

You need a system that removes all the above contaminants mostly present in your water source.

  • Warranty

Water softeners can be pricey; you need a system that has at least a few years of warranty.

Also, consider a unit that is made of quality material not to get spoilt after very few years of use.

  • Capacity

When you are buying water softeners not only for well water size is the most important thing to consider.

They are sold in sizes each rated with the number of grains of hardness it removes.

Make sure you buy a unit that can handle the demand of your household.

You can calculate the size of the system you need in your house using several people in your household.

water softener for well water

For instance, you have a household with five people. An average gallon of water used by one person is 75 gallons per day.

So in a day, you use 75×5=375 gallons. So if your water has a hardness level of 10gpg you require 375×10=3750 gallons of water treated every day.

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