Alkaline water is plain water that is added mineral to raise the regular/tap water PH level.

What is alkaline water

PH is a number that measures the level of alkalinity, neutrality, and acidity in substances like water.

The PH level is on a scale of 0-14. Water can high or low in PH

Water PH level below 7 is acidic, at level 7 is neutral and above 7 is alkaline water.

Alkaline water is water that has a PH level of 8 and above. It has a PH level higher than tap water. The tap water is neutral that has a PH level of 7.

Rainwater PH level is below neutral which is acidity because of there presence of carbon dioxide from the air.

According to EPA guidelines tap water should be at PH level between 6.5- 8.5. Most countries tap water PH level tend to fall the required guidelines.

Alkaline water contains minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium which is beneficial to our body health.

Alkaline facts

Water is a combination of oxygen and hydrogen.

Most alkaline water proponent claims it has increased hydrogen or has many active hydrogens that provide better hydration than tap or regular water.

The added minerals increase water PH level making your body less acidic and that’s is what touted as the benefit of alkaline water.

According to registered dietitian and CNN contributor Lisa Drayer if something is alkaline that helps neutralizes acid in your bloodstream. This theory is used by many promoters to claim alkaline water helps reduce acid in the bloodstream.

Also Robert O Young spun with a popular book called PH miracle claims the alkaline diet can cure all manner of diseases.

All these tips are used by the promoter that it help in health benefit.

Is it safe?

Alkaline water does not pose any health problem unless you have diseases like kidney failure.

Water with a high PH level causes an upset stomach and itchy skin or dry.

Also, drinking too much of it may cause a negative effect on your health.

Does it really work as people claim?

There is no medical expert or scientific support that water with high PH can be used to treat any health condition or entire change PH balance of the body.

According to many health experts, our body is equipped with kidney, lungs, digestive system and liver which help handle both acidic and alkaline in our body.

Whether you consume anything alkaline or acidic our body system will neutralize before it gets to our bloodstream.

Most health experts claim this is just a trend that people think water with high will help have better health.

How does alkaline water taste

It tastes different from tap water or regular water. It can also alter the taste of anything you use in it like coffee.

Some say it tastes bitter, weird or good but this depends on your palate.

Where do we get alkaline water?

You can get alkaline water from the following ways:

When to drink alkaline water?

Since there are people who swear with alkaline water and changing them is hard there are the best ways to take it to get those health benefits promoters claims.

Do not drink alkaline water 30 minutes meals and after taking your meal you should wait up to 2 hours before taking. Reason to wait up to 2-hours after a meal our stomach needs to be acidic to digest food. In the same case as when taking your medication.

You can have it the first thing when you wake up in an empty stomach.

You can take this drink throughout the day but remember not to drink 30 minutes before meals and wait up to 2-hours after meals.

is alkaline water good for you

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